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  1. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    He's a line member, he can propose where he wants. Right here has a better chance of being taken seriously than throwing it out in TS3 or WTM chat.
  2. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    Same. Back when on-grid boosters got pay-outs, I started out with Hammerheads in my claymore too. I'd lose about 1 per TCRC...
  3. Multi-Boxing - 3 Accounts

    When I'm FC and open up multiboxing, another main reason for preferring several people bringing 1 extra alt instead of 1 person piling in, is that one of the goals is to help everyone make ISK, not the first person that manges to X-up with all his alts. If that won't fill, I might open up further. I assume you mean switching one active character for another? Just ask the FC in comms or FC chat and sort it out on the spot, I'd say. (Unless I understand your question wrong.)
  4. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    This would probably lead to a bunch of people going "fuck no, if I'm not getting paid, I'm not doing anything". This would somehow require a WL tag for people willing to do it. This would then introduce the question if these people get the next available open spot, or if that spot goes to the person that's been on the WL for 2 hours. Except for the problem where you'd effectively need to run a second waitlist on a notepad somewhere (or hugely modify the current waitlist), to see who got in fleet at what time, because in the fleet itself, people get sorted by name in the squad, not by join time... The only way I could see this work somewhat effectively is command core and maybe a few highly trusted line members bringing alts in an over-grid squad or something. Everything else will probably either become a mess and/or piss too many people off. Edit: Oi! where'd my awards go? *goes request them back*
  5. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I could see this becoming a total mess if you invite every line member to it, but filling that second wing with trusted alts might work. What I'm a bit worried about is that it might start an arms race with other communities that we might not be able to win...
  6. WTM D&D

    Sounds like fun, but with my irregular work schedule, it would be nearly impossible for me to show up regularly. (and I usually want to be in fleet when I'm hanging out online )
  7. EDENCOM Ships

    I've been playing around with the Thunderchild in Pyfa and really can't get it up to anything viable. At max skill and highest DPS, it's 487 gun dps and 107 from augmented hobgoblins. That's a potential 487*5+109 = 2544 DPS, which is on the level of a vindi, but that's only when it can consistently hit 5 targets. Considering half our time is spent bashing a tower, that would drop down to 596 DPS... which is less than a max skilled version of anything else in fhe fleet except for a booster. Considering that after that, it still has 1 open High slot, 4 med slots and 2 rig slots, it's probably going to be mission running powerhouse (and probably mid to large scale PvP too).
  8. EDENCOM Ships

    For HQs, I doubt it, but if they can apply to frigs, I could see these things tearing through Vanguards...
  9. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Keep in mind that exactly in the times where you get multiple broadcasts, you want the service to be spread. If there's 10 broadcasts in a minute (likely on the way to the anchor spot in TPPH 3rd room), it's much more important that everyone has SOME cap to get them moving RIGHT NOW, than getting anyone up to 70%. That mach with low cap skills can burn to his anchor spot just fine on 2-3 cycles from 1 basi and just regen once he gets there. Approaching your proposal from the other side: a cycle from a T2 transmitter takes around 3.5s after boosts (sorry, don't have the exact numbers here at work). 3 cycles would take 10.5 seconds. If there's 10 broadcasts, it would take 105 seconds (i.e. over 1,5 minutes) to get to the last their cap. (probably more, because server ticks probably add 1-2 seconds to every switch-over for every basi, so closer to 2 minutes). That's way too long for someone to have to sit on a beacon... I could see this work great in a fleet op optimal ships with high-skilled pilots that know how to manage their cap and can keep fighting down to 10% cap and then have enough to coastto their spot. But in a fleet where that's true for only half your pilots and some of the others are Rokh and Maels who, at 30% cap are 2 MWD cycles away from capping out, it's probably won't work that great. And like Malcolm just pointed out, it's a way to clear kinda-sorta clear the worst of a backlog when stuff gets out of hand.
  10. What can we expect?

    The weird thing is... Hoboleaks indicates that current Sisi build has T2 invulns (and some other resist amps) getting MORE resists... So I'm confused... I'm kinda exited about the 15% extra dps from Void, though... Optmal vindi should gain 300dps.
  11. Which frigate you will fit after escape bay patch?

    If you're going for extra cargo, might as well go full cargo expansion, I'd say...
  12. Changes to Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter

    Yup, we're working on it in Slack already
  13. Newbro's Request

    To expand on that: if we let one person salvage in fleet, everyone and their alt (including mine) will want to join in on the extra ISK and it would be a complete mess...
  14. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Just did the maths for the Mimesis, too: Still 145 seconds to out-DPS a non-mimesis Leshak.
  15. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Mid-grade Mimesis implants stats are available now. Seems to be the same reducting in spool-up, just more max dps. Since we've already concluded it takes more than 2 minutes on the same target to out-dps a non-Mimesis Leshak (see my previous post): do NOT buy the implants for incursion running!