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  1. Yes I Am Here

    They got changed somewhere around autumn 2016, I think. Welcome back, Commander
  2. Possible additional too;

    In addition to what Niki said: If your Teamspeak name matches your in-game name, you should get a poke along the lines of "you were invited as [DPS/Sniper/logi]"
  3. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    This seems really obvious as a line pilot, but especially for starting FCs it's harder than it looks. FC's are looking at the current site, -1's, the waitlist (both new X-es and invites) and roles that might need to be filled. Between all that, it's all too easy to suddenly notice that the last thing in a site already died and you missed the window to do this (it's only about 30 seconds long).
  4. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    I'd also like to draw you attention to the first line of the remarks on the fitting page: i.e. there's a good chance (99,99%) the FC won't let you into the fleet with a Nestor, even if you get one that meets requirements.
  5. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    Y is close enough.
  6. Either you're referring to Elm Street, which some people believe to be the channel to find cap buddies but I'm pretty sure it was never intended to be, it's just the info channel for NM fits. If you mean any other channel, then yeah, what Bruce said. I think it'd be a better idea to encourage FCs to occasionally call out that NMs should cap buddy up, especially if they see people looking for some in fleet chat.
  7. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    I've occasionally done it too. Not so much to help the fleet to but help myself as FC keep track of what my anchors are doing.