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  1. Suggestion

    I'd suggest just muting the people that chatter too much to your liking. Also, keep in mind that a call from a random line member that something is happening could well be the thing that saves you. Just make sure you don't mute orange dots. Muting everyone but the FC would probably result in some very grumpy Logi Masters or back seat FCs if they're trying to talk to you for whatever reason.
  2. Leshak Tactics

    Love it. Except for this bit: Leshaks have a bonus to Remote Armor Repair range. I suggest we use it by loading up on 2-4 large armor reps and saving our fleet-mates when the need arises. Edit: just looked at the recommended fit... what's up with all the remote cap in there?
  3. Stream rules

    As others pointed out, finding our system isn't that hard, they can just look in our MotD. What we don't want gankers knowing is, the "when" of what we're doing, mostly so they can land their gank fleet on top of us as we're landing on the next gate, which is where we are vulnerable. I'd be really interested of how you'd hide the timing of a warp to the next site, or completion of a site, or when we're taking a gate, or what site we're warping to next, without a stream delay...
  4. Pirate forward operations base

    Iirc, Bruce used to run some of them when they first launched. They're nice enough, but nowhere near the ISK faucet that incursions are, because you need to travel between systems and scan one down everytime you kill one...
  5. This Is Bhaaloween Fun Fleet

    Uh... Imelda... I hate to be a spoil-spot, but did you realize this clashes with Hurley's fun fleet?
  6. Fun fleet 2/11/2018

    Looks like my schedule cleared up. Can I claim DDD? I have the perfect ship for it.
  7. Fun fleet 2/11/2018

    Like the others said, it's a regular incursion fleet, except the top rule of the fittings page ("only fits on the fittings page are allowed") no longer applies. So it's a chance for everyone to just mess around with ships they'd normally never fly. Not sure if I can make it, but if I do, I already have a ship ready to go.
  8. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    Until that's fixed, you can also look at the ship fits in-game, in these channels: Windicators Elm Street Alpha Angels WarpTo Logi You'll be missing out on the other approved ships, but you can look through the optimal fits and their stepping stones. While posting this, I noticed that while the Windicators channel has been updated to the latest fitting page version, Elm Street and Alpha Angels haven't. Could someone in leadership have a look at that, please? The current fits listed there are still totally viable, though.
  9. (Funfleet) Praxis Fits

    I don't think it's a good idea to immediately go fly ships that might be worth a bunch in the future. However, you might see some commanders testing the viability of the Praxis.
  10. Nightmare pod fit?

    That one is only 2b. It's the 7% rate of fire bonus to all turrest (not just energy) that's 4b. (Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink)
  11. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    We have a date now: march 20th!
  12. Yes I Am Here

    They got changed somewhere around autumn 2016, I think. Welcome back, Commander
  13. Possible additional too;

    In addition to what Niki said: If your Teamspeak name matches your in-game name, you should get a poke along the lines of "you were invited as [DPS/Sniper/logi]"
  14. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    This seems really obvious as a line pilot, but especially for starting FCs it's harder than it looks. FC's are looking at the current site, -1's, the waitlist (both new X-es and invites) and roles that might need to be filled. Between all that, it's all too easy to suddenly notice that the last thing in a site already died and you missed the window to do this (it's only about 30 seconds long).
  15. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    I'd also like to draw you attention to the first line of the remarks on the fitting page: i.e. there's a good chance (99,99%) the FC won't let you into the fleet with a Nestor, even if you get one that meets requirements.