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  1. Fantastic Frivolity & Frolicking

    Be aware and amazed for another installment of FFF is comin your way. April 1st, 2023 shall be the next date for FUN. Gonna shake up the thought patterns this time and spin a tale of daring deeds by destroyers and above...bring your talwars, coercers, catas and drakes, your widows, vagas and assorted crates. The only ship untouched by this cavalcade of canivores is the Logistics, these ship are restricted to the 3 we accept, fit correctly. No SRP is afforded to anything not upon the website...why? Because some of yall are goofball wingnuts. We shall see who shall be the recipient of the cash prize of survival at the end...if you dare...😈 The focus at the time will be the place, April First the date. The time, hmm, lets see. Yours eternally; ~T P.S. - this is not a ruse. No trick no spammy. Anything else would be uncanny...
  2. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    2 hours to go.
  3. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    The Great Giggity has brought to us an All Hallow's EvEOnline. Let us rejoice and have fun. Cruisers and up, must meet tank requirements. Cruisers, 1LSE required. Focus Willing, will be the place, anything and everything that can contribute to fleets as in PEWPEW. bring your black orange green and scary skins....we judge. hope to see EVERYONE there. PS: All normal ships are accepted. No Special Logi either ~T
  4. Red, White and Bloop Fun Fleet

    ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION (YOU IN THE BACK, SHAAAADDDUP) 4Jul22 UTC 20:00 (1pmPST) RED,WHITE & BLOOP shall commence. All above requirements are still in effect. Trade hubs are not far away either. Got Skins, Facial Augments, fireworks, drones... Come ON Down!
  5. ATTENTION, ATTENTION, YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUESTED! 2022.07.04 @20:00 UTC Monday Afternoon/Tuesday Evening/morning for some, shall be the next installment of FUN FLEEEEEEEEET. This time we honor the independence of all citizens of all nations, cultures and Identities. Come One and Come All! This time we are gonna shake things up a bit. All Past FrakkinFunFleets shall be ACTIVATED for this romp. IE: Attack BattleCruisers, Combat Battlecruisers, All Previous accepted Battleships, BLOPS, All Battleships not accepted previously, ETC ETC ETC. Giveaways and some spicy gang action may or may not happen as well. No change in logistics, so don't ask. Ships stop at Battleship Class, so don't EVEN Dare try the orca, bowhead crap. Requirements for ships to be invite-able are: 1.) Resist Profile(67% OMNI), Propulsion accordingly. 2.) Contribute to fleet(GUNS, LAUNCHERS, DISINTEGRATORS as well as DRONES) 3.) The Voice FC has Supreme Say So. No Arguments or pilots will be punished by flying our normal accepted ships. 4.) Fireworks are reserved for people that have been personally approved to do so. and last but not the least; HAVE FUN, DONT DIE and above all DONT BE A DICK! Disclaimer: any and all ships accepted that are not under normal fleet rulings are non-srpable. Any questions, donations or general howdy do's send to Den Talidar in game. Lets all make this a great year for us, Eve and of course, WarpToMe INcursions!
  6. Red, White and Bloop Fun Fleet

    This fleet of frivolous fun and fractured dreams shall be set in a DOF (dependent on focus) timetable. Therefore will be pushed back in order to gain a proper spawn and no influence. Keep all y'alls attention here for further updates. ~T
  7. Frakkin Fun Fleet

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye! His Royal Highass, Consumer of Chili Fries, The Often Duplicated & Never Replicated, Talidar. Is hereby inviting any and all on 03/22/2022 @0300UTC to this newest Joust Of Frakkin Fun within the current Focus. This Frakkin Fun Fleet shall bring more to the table than anyone could hope for. Frakkin Attack BattleCruisers ( Talos, Tornado, Naga and Oracles) shall be the choice prime. However the ship MUST meet the SHIELD Resist Threshold to be viable. All Frakkin Past Battleships that were allowed into WTM are also allowed as well. IE: Navy Scorp*torp, Rohk*rail or blast, Navy Mega*rail or blast, Apoc/Arma/Abaddon*pulse AND Leshak. With respects to the their bonus's to their hulls in regards to Weaponry to be fitted correctly. Resist Required. And Lastly, the Grand Entrance of Frakkin Railguns that can be afforded to Krony and Vind-ky. Some, not all, will be invited in fit such a way. Reminder HQ RESIST REQUIREMENTS are in effect. Frakkin Ships shall be invited, after requirement is met, in the order listed above. (AtkBC>PastBS>Rails) No Cruisers, frigs, ETC. which means no Frakkin Logi this time around, so don't ask. Normal Logistics only accepted. Punch and Pie along with some interesting prizes to be afforded to those in Frakkin Ships as well as those in the Normal Ships. BE Safe, Have Fun and remember... DON"T BE A DICK!
  8. Frakkin Fun Fleet

  9. Yes hoomans, ya'll read that right. Missiles only Fun Fleet - 0200 UTC, January 5th. Focus Willing! También se permiten dragones. Come one Come all, Yes, even FC is allowing to bring a Drake. Resist Requirement(HQ's)/Prop mods are the requirements That's it. ~T
  10. FUN FLEET - También se permiten dragones

    battlecruise, i think i can allow a few T3. Tenguuuuuuuuu
  11. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Can this thread be locked as it is 2 years old and being brought back from the dead? ~T
  12. Den Talidar

    Ladies and Gentlemen; A rather large bear hug and thank you to all those who have expressed their sympathies for this. Mother was a vibrant human, if she did not like you she made it known as the opposite was true as well. Made friends wherever she was. When a stroke hit her, some years ago, her health was a roller coaster. 44 years as a wife, 43 years as a mother or two boys and young at heart individual. Time has been rough on me and my father this past week but the timing could not have been better as it was World Pride in NYC and throughout the world when she passed on and that is the memory that will make me smile...That She Rode Off Into The Blue, Riding A Rainbow. Again, Much Gratitude to everyone that sent well wishes through here or ingame. The energy is still being felt as one writes this. Remember: Keep smiling and look forward as the memories are in the past to guide us toward the future. ~Talidar
  13. Returning up to speed.

    someone call the heartless?
  14. Just saying hello

  15. DPS Anchor Points

    never fear, as we here in WarpToMe have a plethora of information accessible to all/most.
  16. DPS Anchor Points

    take a gander here, also within the rookie guide should have had a link to this as well. When in doubt, take a peek at the GUIDES portion of these forums. Also, Welcome To WarpToMe!
  17. New Guy Question - Start and End of an Incursion

    Greetings, Spacehart; We here in WarpToMe are slaves to the incursion timer set forth by ccp itself. So what this means is that Incursions don't always show up on any given day/night. they just do when the timer set in the coding, randomly by the way, goes forth and populates anywhere in the known universe. So in short form to answer your fair question, No there is no certain day/night of the week where WTM begins or ends an incursion. Although we here in WTM do not actively go forth and end incursions before withdrawing mode has appeared, we do end them if there has been ample enough information to end the current focus and move to the next one. By the by, welcome to Incursions and the WarpToMe Family! Hopefully this has answered your question, if not please reply to this thread and anyone here can fill more in for anyone that has anything further. ps: Incursions are a very nomadic thing. meaning we will always be moving no matter what. this is half the fun of being able to see new and exciting places and meeting people along the way. -Talidar
  18. Fun Fleet!

    HAHAHHAHAHHA, im dieing over here.....Juan Carols' fleet.....tears just tears. Oh and i canna breathe.
  19. Hmmm of the Day.

    "Boldness is like a condom. If you depend on it all the time, no matter how good it is, and no matter how good you are, eventually it will break." -TL #4
  20. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

  21. other games???

    HEHE, ahh the good days of tabletop. Memories.
  22. other games???

    Neverwinter and Star Trek Online are my fallbacks.