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  1. Den Talidar

    I'm really sorry to hear about your loss Den!
  2. Dr Izumi Uchiya

    It's about damn time!! Congrats Izumi!
  3. Long Time No See

    Just thought I’d drop in to say hi and see how everyone’s doing. I guess it’s been about a year since I slipped away from the world of EVE and WTM. Maybe ya’ll will see me in game again soon, maybe not, depends on how busy RL wants to treat me.
  4. Star Wars (Possible Spoilers)

    I don't really have much of a ranking for them, I thought they were all pretty good. But granted its been a while since I've seen most of them with the exception of VIII. Episode one might be my least favorite, and I really only like II because the clones are pretty cool (I used to watch the Clone Wars TV series back when that was a thing). I'm not super hard to please when it comes to movies tho, so that's probably why I'm not too judgmental enough to rank them. I think III was pretty good and I also have that memory of seeing that movie in theaters with my father when it came out. Also, hi ya'll!
  5. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    So about 8 months ago we actually looked at and cut a few ships and tweaked a few rules to try and make things somewhat more optimized. It also depends on the FC themselves, with our current fleet setup it’s possible to make pretty decent ISK already. But some FCs just prefer a more laid back style and are there to get out of the daily RL grid and want to relax and make a little ISK at the same time. We have looked into the options you suggested in the past but it was decided that it doesn’t quite fit WTM’s culture of actually being new to friendly and a somewhat more laid back community. Rather than feeling like another job.
  6. New Bro

    Nice, so one thing about the skills and everything, the fittings are based on out of game stats (all lv 5 skills). With the Rokh at Caldari BS lv 4 you can drop the passive thermal for something else (cap would probably be better as the Rokh is generally pretty cap hungry) but if you have it fitted already it’s not a super huge deal a we’d rather see an optimal ship as soon as possible. Another thing, I see you’re training T2 guns, which is great! But you can use Meta 4 and faction ammo while you train up for that.
  7. New Bro

    Great to have you here! If you’re eager to help, best thing to do would just get into a fleet and step up to learn roles in fleet as we always need people to help with various functions in the fleet! If you decide later on after flying with us for a bit, feel free to put in an application for a Fleet Commander or Logistics Master (FC app in WTM Incursions chat and LM app in Warpto Logi) both serve as commanders here to help with different things. Feel free to ask any questions you have in game or on here, we’re more than willing to answer them! Welcome to Warp To Me!
  8. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Wait wait wait…Velator fleet…just let that sink in…
  9. I have to agree with some of these other posts. You could force every NM, etc to fit a cap x-fer but it doesn't mean they have to use it. If you were really going to solve this problem then you would need to require both a) them to fit a cap x-fer and b) enforce that people cap buddy up. Now this can cause a couple problems that might outweigh the benefits. 1) Is that it adds another thing that commanders (whether FC or LMs) have to watch out for and enforce (as if they weren't doing enough already) and 2) you could have a new bro show up in their NM who honestly needs to focus more on the basics first before adding in making sure they keep up with their cap buddy, and capping, etc. Sure, 1) could be done with more experienced commanders who have learned how to add more and more to their plate to watch out for but wouldn't necessarily be consistent with every commander across the board. Sure, 2) could have the pilot be "tracked" to say "ok, they've been here a while, they should know what to do, so let's start enforcing the rule on them". Then with that as well you have an added thing to watch out for how long certain people have been here too. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Waitlist BDay Trivia Results

    Nice! Interesting info to find out from all this! Keep up the good work!
  11. other games???

    Star Trek Online or whatever PS4 game I feel like playing if I grab the time.
  12. Good day WTM! WTM will updating our list of acceptable ships and fits effective after DT 2017.02.13. Here is what is changing: -Tractor Beams will be required on all Machariels -The Loki will no longer be accepted into fleets -800 Autocannons on any ship will no longer be accepted -Railguns on any ship will no longer be accepted -T1 and Integrated DAMAGE drones will no longer be accepted by any ship (does not affect logi drones) Fleet, Navy and T2 Damage drones will be acceptable -The following ships will no longer be accepted: *Navy Megathron *Typhoon Fleet Issue *Navy Armageddon *Scorpion Navy Issue -The following ships will require T2 Guns/Launchers *All Marauders (already the rule) *Barghest *Rattlesnake *Dominix Navy Issue *Bhaalgorn These changes are being made to help WTM improve as a community while still being dedicated to helping newbros and running, fun, safe and efficient fleets. The recommendation: Upgrade from these platforms to one of our optimal ships/fits as soon as possible. Note: These changes will primarily affect our primary site type, HQs. Assaults and Vanguards may still allow some of these ships and/or weapon systems. If there are any questions please contact a member of Leadership or an Officer.
  13. New to Incursions

    Hey there Ujibo! Welcome to WTM! 1st piece of advise I can give...don't die...ok but in all seriousness make sure you yourself broadcast for shields on time (when the sansha "yellow box" you), and as a scimi pilot make sure you're always moving and have your afterburner on (unless otherwise instructed). That's some just basic stuff and more info can be found in our Logi Rookie Guide and I would also suggest joining the in game channel "WarpTo Logi" where there is information on upcoming Logi Schools (if any are scheduled), suggested fits and implants for logi boats. Additionally, fits can be found at the tab at the top under "Fits". If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!! Again welcome to WTM! -Skyler
  14. New to this ready to fly with you.

    Welcome to Warp to Me! I hope that you'll have a good time with us and look forward to seeing that vindi! If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask any commanders (those orange dot ladies and gents) you see around.
  15. What if............

    Crawl then? Depends on how big the hole is I suppose.
  16. What if............

    Lol I'm pretty sure we did. Also, leave it to the scientists to ruin all hope of imagination and wonder with a super complex and rational explanation. I will give you hope Pockets. Yes, you can dig a hole through the Earth to climb through to the Aussies.
  17. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    My ideal fleet comp is all Domi's cuz like #DroneLyfe no logi, nothing. Going for a straight fleet whelp. Maybe an active tank, every man for himself type of thing.
  18. Hi Django! Welcome to WTM! We can always use logi ships in our fleets but contributing as a DPS ship is just as important. It might not be a bad idea to start training for it if you are interested in it while you also make some money to upgrade that hyperion to a vindicator! As in regard to which logi ship, it's honestly up to you. We need both but absolutely need Basilisks to run because of their combat caps they provide to the fleet. So what I would say is go for whichever one would get you in the ship faster! If you are interested here is a recommended skill guide for all our starter and optimal ships if you have any interest in taking a look at it. Again welcome to WTM and if you have any further questions please feel free to post them here or ask around in game.
  19. Trouble with joining fleet (permissions)

    That's Skyler Scar not Skylar send it to us and we'll take a look at it at our meeting this Sunday.
  20. Hey ya'll new guy here :)

    Hey Fimsemand! Welcome to WTM! Looking forward to seeing you around in fleets!
  21. Hello everyone! I am back playing EVE

    Hey! Welcome back Ryan! Looking forward to seeing you around!
  22. Cannonball 250 Coming Soon™

    I thought we were using our most expensive Incursion BSs with 6% + ascendency clones?? No?
  23. New (ish)

    Hello! Welcome to Warp To Me! If you ever have any questions feel free to ask them here or in the in game channel "Warp To Me Incursions"
  24. New to Incursion

    The spawn timer is anywhere from 12-36 hours (just so you know). Welcome to WTM!
  25. New and wanting to Shoot things

    First off, welcome to WarpTo Me! As far as choosing a shooting platform goes it honestly just depends on what you like more. The Vindi is up close and personal, using webs to help with damage application, the nightmare and machariel are both long range, sniper ships. The nightmare having better application over the machariel with the mach having more alpha. As far as ammo costs I'd say the vindi will cost you more since dps guns use more ammo with a faster cycle time. With the crystals you wouldn't honestly have to replace them all that often if you bought several sets up front and the mach has a really slow cycle time so the amount of ammo you would use for it day to day is less than some others. I personally like my nightmare, those 2 extra high utility slots are nice for the fleet, the mach is great for MTAC (a role in one of the sites that keeps a tower from repairing so we can kill it) with a tractor beam and the vindi is an excellent DPS ship that is there for dealing damage and also is used for the DDD (Drone Bunny) role which is responsible for killing the frigates in the sites. As far as getting into fleet faster (i.e. which ships are needed more often) it just depends on the time and the day. Some days the Sniper waitlist can be really long and other fairly short with the DPS waitlist really long.