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  1. Incursion Leshak

    The Leshak has three big issues. First: Paper DPS =/= applied DPS. Yes, you can hit 3k with full spin up. Will you hit that during any site that doesn't have a tower bash? Not likely. Get jammed, your DPS is reset. Target dies, your DPS is reset. It takes more than a minute to hit that top point, most things don't last that long. Second: Cost and utility. To reach our fitting requirements demands a fit that costs 3-5 times a starting vindi and requires such concessions that you can't do anything with it. No webs, no paints, no fleet support of any kind whatsoever. Third: Speed. Leshaks are extremely slow. That makes keeping up with the DPS blob harder and getting into optimal range for damage less likely. We've done testing of the hull and it just isn't worth it. It doesn't do anything that even a beginner fit vindi can't do better in just about every way.
  2. Basi Fits

    Both. It's not a difficult achievement if you're willing to train the skills or plug in some implants. Or, you can fly the minimum fit and be treated as a level 4 basi. Those are your options.
  3. DPS Anchor Points

    Den beat me to it. You can also find the anchoring guides if you're in fleet by clicking the AAA or VVV in the fleet motd.
  4. Possible Logi 3 entry Scimi

    That's pretty much just our level 4 scimi fit.
  5. Possible Logi 3 entry Scimi

    Once you have racial cruiser 5, logi 4 is only a couple days. This is a non-issue.
  6. This Is Bhaaloween Fun Fleet

    I'm pretty sure that even in fun fleets that T3 logi are limited to commanders only because of their role as boosters. I may be wrong though.
  7. Crazy Imelda's Winter Clearance Sale

    Putting together one in amarr now. Scorch master race!
  8. Crazy Imelda's Winter Clearance Sale

    Curse you Imelda! *seriously ponders getting a bhaal for the lulz now*
  9. Fun fleet 2/11/2018

    Its going to be an incursion fleet.
  10. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    What is tuned for a specific site for a single person doesn't do well for us at all.
  11. Fits for alpha players

    Take any of our optimal or starter battleships (vindi, mach, nightmare, maelstrom, hyperion, rokh, NApoc), replace the T2 guns with meta 4 using faction ammo, and any suggested T2 heavy drones with faction as well and you've got an alpha friendly fit.
  12. Color Blind Incursion Pilots

    I haven't played with the settings yet (haven't a need to, thankfully) but the eve settings window does offer color-blind modes. The GUI colors can be fixed to a single scheme rather than switching colors based on the faction of the ship you're currently in.
  13. skill plan

    If you pop over to this link, there's skill guides that you should be able to find useful.