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  1. Well I'm more than happy to put my hand up to provide boosts on grid. If they're not changing the tank of say, the Vulture, we're talking in the range of 300k EHP with a fairly pimped fit. You could use the booster as a AAA as well. I'm pretty pumped about these changes as it means I'll no longer be "that guy" who refuses to boost off-grid because all the fun is in the fighting. Never lost a Vulture. Got yelled at a lot. Had a great time.
  2. Travel Fits

    I'd add one more thing; a webber on a second character. I use a Rapier on my webber because of the massive range bonus on webs and the moment my Bowhead character initiates warp, I web the Bowhead down. The result: 2 seconds max to initiate warp and the bonus hilarity of watching a capital zip off sideways. It's an old trick used to get supers and titans off the field quickly and it's a goodie.