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    woot omw, and im guessing it wasnt hard to start a fire there haha
  2. Returning Player

    Well im already driving the bus to hell so jump on and bring the beer. :-)
  3. New to Incursion

    Ahh ok. Thats the exact information i had no clue about but wanted to know thank you. I'm usually online everyday looking for something to do and i have my vindi collecting dust in my hanger haha. I will def jump on your channel when i get in game. So far in last hour i can already tell you are a good group of pilots.
  4. New to Incursion

    Ok that works. I wasnt sure how the spawn rate was on them. For the last year or so ive lived in NS and recently moved into WH. Ill join in the channel when i get home tonight. And yeah ive been reading through all your guides today. I have to say they are very well written and very detailed thank you. I can tell you all really know what you are doing.
  5. New to Incursion

    Hello, I have been playing eve on and off for longer then most people. I have played most aspects of the game. One thing i have never done is incursions. I have a vindi, with really good skills to use it, and have been contemplating trying them out. The main question i have is how often do you all run them? Besides knowing what incursions are i dont know a thing about them.