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  1. Hearing Impaired Guide

    Effective Communication with hearing impaired pilots: A guide for WTM hearing impaired line pilots As a warp to me line pilot, you can expect to receive a non-discriminatory experience where possible. Disabilities can to some degree be overcome with a few adaptations from both pilot and commanders. This guide aims to direct and facilitate the integration of hearing impaired pilots and to maximise their efficiency and enjoyment while in warp to me fleets. X-ing up When X-ing up for a wtm fleet, your first point of contact will be the FC or commander running the fleet composition. Request a conversation with the FC from WTM local or a duty command core member. The FC/duty command core will facilitate a suitable communication relay for you. Keep the chat window visible at all times. Only the fleet sanctioned relay and the hearing impaired pilot maybe a part of this conversation or in this chat room to keep miscommunication to a minimum. WTM Waitlist The Fc or fleet composition’s identity can be found on the waitlist X-up page under the heading ‘Fleet Manager’ Please note that on occasions other people maybe in the conversation to hand over or teach another member of command or if a Backseat wishes to observe.* Safety An in-game private chat is to be the primary form of command/communication. No other pilots may give any command to the pilot(s) in the support conversation, Fleet Chat or in WTM Local. The fleet will be instructed to follow the rules or be withheld from fleet. Duty Core command will be expected to keep hearing impaired pilots on their watchlist if it is felt necessary for safety. Duty Core command will be expected to keep hearing impaired pilots on their watchlist if it is felt necessary for safety. Pilots that X on the waitlist are required to please join TeamSpeak[comms] even though you cannot partake in conversation, this is to ensure fleet safety in the event of a Disconnect of your character, as it will allow the Composition Commander / Fleet Commander or Relay to keep a conversation open with you in the case the DC was at the end of a TCRC or exit from any site. Teamspeak Chat/Poke is to be used only in the case of a Pilot DC and only then. Commands and abbreviations It is advisable to get into the habit of using abbreviations as the primary format for command relay. This is because by doing this it speeds up the process which can take time to type out in sentences. Of course, typed conversation is not discouraged as we also like to provide an inclusive warp to me experience. *The pilot(s) and Relay may come up with their own shorthand if they so choose.The Communications Department has come up with this shorthand version of commands to easily identify each other in a fleet setting.* Tags when and if tags are called differently than tagged. Due to a Contest or Emergency Evacuation. Comp/FC will type the correct Number in chat to focus on. E.g 1,2,3,a,b,c,x