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  1. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    wow hold ojn a minute is this a private blob arrangement ?? i thought it was WTM but ok i´ll stick with our structures then i dont need to thank anyone but myself
  2. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    Clonebay is down in this focus btw
  3. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    names on structures and systems where they are already operational ?
  4. Logi School

    oct 16 logi school 19.00 hours Meet at dockup and join the TS channel "Logi School" if you can show up in your logi ship it´s good, if not come anyway o7
  5. Together in the Abyss

    good fun and great isk IF you don´t end up making a blood offering to an abyssal deity
  6. Logi School

    we can always arrange one if there is a few line pilots that wants to participate. I know i have to do one in my programme still, so that could be next week sometime f.ex
  7. Stop Flying Loaded Bowheads Through Niarja.

    Someone should tell ppl how to bowhead, it´s 2x of our command core that suffered losses due to not knowing how to bowhead
  8. FC Can I bring my Paladin?

    the ranges you list for the ammo are far from optimal as i have 43km falloff/26km optimal with conflag and 91km falloff/73 km optimal with scourge, so one could argue that you´re not doing the ship justice by not having the skills to use it to its full extend. skills like marauder 5 and trajectory analysis both to 5 as well as gunnery stacking skills are important with this ship imo
  9. badges

    I believe that the much coveted badge; All the cards is now mine to claim. So i ask the brass to kindly add it to the collection Thx in advance Gappy
  10. badges

    hello brass i would like to have the awards added to the forum profile am i doing it right by asking here ?! Regards Gappy o7
  11. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    I have been living in J-space or wormhole space for 2.5 years now and we have done mostly indy stuff with occational pvp but recently we´ve gotten more and more into it.(pvp) we go wh dive deeper into j-space or we set up traps in data/relics to catch unsuspecting explorers off guard or run cosmic anomolies or combat sites which pays more than incursions but is rarely present in sufficient numbers to have an IPH. Remember Bob (the mysterious deity that inhabits J-space) is ever watching and he will require regular blood offerings to keep him on your good side regards Gappy o7