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  1. New and wanting to Shoot things

    I have all three gun sets at specialization 3 so it is good to know that the ammo cost difference isn't as high as expected. I will read up on the MTAC role and Sniper Anchor as I have no idea what those are. Loving the well described advise.
  2. New and wanting to Shoot things

    Thank you for the feedback. Seems at least those active on the forum like the Vindi and Mare.
  3. New and wanting to Shoot things

    Good evening, I am wanting to join in the shooting fun but wasn't sure which of the routes to fiskally build up to. I am getting back into eve after a long skilling but not playing spell. I can fly any of the battleships at the same skill level and was wondering what would be appreciated more. Going up the Vindicator route, the Nightmare route, or the Macheriel route? Or does none of that matter beyond minor differences in day to day running costs due to ammo consumption and aesthetics of the shooting? Thank you in advance, Selphis Schadfreu