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  1. Anchoring Help

    You mentioned being unsure of which site you had. There are a few ways to tell. When you are waiting on the initial gate before entering site, in your overview you should be able to see the beacons (you got an overview from someone, right?). Only one beacon will be at a distance of km - the rest will be AU away. That's the site you're about to enter. Once you are inside, make a quick check: - Is there a tower straight ahead of you? Did someone say something about meatshielding, and call the whole fleet in together? That's a TCRC - Is there a tower ahead and to the left? With 3 smaller mushroom-shaped towers in front of it? NRF - Is there another gate in the room? TPPH Those are the only HQ sites. If you happen to be doing assaults or vanguards, just note that you are new to assaults and FC will likely give some more directions, as they are run much less often.
  2. "De-Optimization" of Ships

    I think I have about as many hours in Golem in WTM fleets as anyone.
  3. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Hello Stevanator! Most folks start in a Hyperion, good place to get into incursions. Getting in: At the top of this browser window, next to Forums, is 'Waitlist'. Clicking that takes you to the waitlist, which is what you use to get into fleets, when there is one running (which is the majority of the time). Next to waitlist is 'Fits'. Check out Hyperion in fits, and get a Hyperion fitted that way to the current HQ system, which is Todrir (just moved here, so good for a few days, up to a week). Then 'X Up' on the waitlist, and when there is room in the fleet, the FC will get you an invite and a newbro speech. There is not a singular Corp - rather, join the "Warp To Me Incursions" channel - mentioned in the Rookie Guide. When fleets are getting started it will generally be announced there. Or, watch the waitlist site. Also a good place for incursion questions!
  4. FUN FLEET - TambiƩn se permiten dragones

    Hmm. Golem, Tengu, Logi (logi is allowed right? do we need to fit a missile too? O.o) ... so many choices.