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  1. New Pilot to Incursions Question

    Awesome, thanks for the response. I am in channel and logged into the waitlist waiting for fleets to start. Hopefully I can jump into one later today. From what I have read, once I submit my fit on the waitlist and its approved then I get access to the TeamSpeak information. From the Rookie guide the only thing that I have not completed is joining TeamSpeak.
  2. I am looking to get into Incursions and was pointed to the WTM community which so far has really impressed me. I am ready to jump into a fleet and spent all day yesterday going through the information on the rookie guide. I notice that no characters under 30 days old are accepted to fleet without a proven experience exception. I have 2 other characters that I have been playing on and off since 2006. I created a new account to try out the AIR new pilot introduction they added. I have now decided to keep this 3rd account and use it for an Incursions pilot. I injected up to be able to fly the Nightmare Standard fit and purchased the ship and fittings. I am only short the Tractor Beam 2 and the long drone training to fly Optimal Nightmare. How would I go about getting an exception for this character for previous experience or do I have to wait out the 30 days?