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  1. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Your Talking in Stations interview is what brought me here man and I'm happy to report 0% false advertisement ppl have been so helpful and welcoming here and on chat I'm having the same vibe I had when I first started Eve. I got my stuff to the Eust station, can't wait to xup for the first time.
  2. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Thank you all so much for the info. Getting a Hyperion to Todrir now and setting everything up according to the rookie guide, hoping to xup tomorrow afternoon. Is there a go to Overview for incursions or can you recommend one that will do the job?
  3. o/ everyone I'm a returning pilot looking to get into incursions. I got back in the game a few weeks ago and now I'm trying to figure out a retirement plan. TBH I'm tired of null life but I still crave flying big stuff in big fleets, not really in it for the ISK. I went through WTM rules and requirements to get familiar with the basics. Would like to start small with a Hyperion or a Domi and work up to a Kronos eventually following the Upgrade policy. Mastery IV on all of them but a few skills short from that Bastion list. Now for the question part, how exactly do I "get in"? Do you have a Corp/Alliance or are the WTM fleets community events? What are the steps I need to make before Xing up for the first time?