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  1. Newcomer asking a few questions

    Hello! Sorry to get back so late but I figured out a way to get a loan from a friend and I have a Hyperion now! I'm going to try to start running incursion as soon as possible. Thanks for your willingness to help though.
  2. Newcomer asking a few questions

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Newcomer asking a few questions

    Hello! A few questions about incursions and getting a Hyperion to do incursions with 1. How many players are usually in a fleet at a time? 2. I have all the trained skills for a Hyperion, but I lack the actual funds to gain said Hyperion. Is there a way I can loan off of someone to get it or better yet is there an efficient grinding tactic that can be used to gain the funds for it relatively quickly? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds, and I look forward to joining this community!