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  1. WTS Kronos

    "Nearly" fully fitted Kronos For sale. Missing a Pithum A-type, As i switch one around between this and my Vindi. Ship is located in Inaro (4 jumps from Jita) https://evepraisal.com/a/13h1t9
  2. Anchoring Help

    Right, Lately every time I have X'ed up on the fleet. I get in fleet to find there is No VVV. So I end up saying my good byes and Leaving Fleet, as im not 100% on anchoring. And apart from the WTM nooby guide, that does state the exact anchor points. I still find my self worrying that I'm going to be out of place, and Loose a ship or worse cause someone else to loose a ship, as the logi are to busy trying to save my ass. In the chaos of the fleets, I find it hard to identify the different types of sites. as anchoring varies depending on the type. Now sometimes the FC will call out tcrc but then call gate red and warp to a different site all together and not call out TCRC, NRF or TPPH. And then I get a bit lost as to where I am supposed to be anchoring. Now with a VVV this is easy street. but this role is sometimes not filled. What I really need is Practice, as practice makes permanent. But is there anyway I can fly the sites, like maybe on a test server, and learn my anchoring points without me causing any hassle to Fleet.