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  1. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Yeah some fleets can be like that with constantly switching people. Some you will also get a lot of newer pilots with the starter vindi which is cap hungry due to the prop mod. Overall you're doing well mate. I do notice you pre-emptively giving rolls cap (mostly when you're giving it to me ). A way we used to do it long ago was using logi chat. If you're getting spammed with cap requests you can get the basi's to list the first 3-4 letters of who their capping that way you're not doubling up.
  2. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    As someone that flies DDD a lot extra links to help I notice a difference up to 6 links, the types of links also matter personally I go for 1 opti, 3 tracking if I can get it. If I am able to get 6 links the last two are another opti and tracking. DDD's mostly have heavy waves 2nd spawn NRF, 2nd wave TPPH and good DDD's with links have no issues in TCRC's. The only other wave that's a little bit of a pain is 1st room TPPH if the links are late.