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  1. Hey there, I have been playing EVE for some time now, with breaks, tried many different things but I never did Incursions before. I always wanted to, but my list of 'things-I-want-to-try-in-eve' is still getting longer, not shorter. Some days ago a corpmate told me about newbie friendly Incursion groups (he looked up TDF because he likes armor more), and I remembered your clip from the 'this is eve' video. So here I am. :-) I am wondering what ship/role would be the easiest to start with? I have almost all skills at optimal for all optimal fittings from your list, DPS or logistics. Considering it is my very first time joining an Incursion fleet, do you think I am more useful in a Vidicator or Scimitar? What are the odds on getting a spot in a fleet with either DPS or logi, again considering my lack of experience? Thanks a lot, looking forward to flying with you. ;-) -Scop