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  1. Returning player - few questions

    Hello I used to run incursions several years ago. Dont quite remember the group ... something with VG... something. Where did they go? (or are you guys the same dudes as before but with a different name? :D) Anyway, i am/was a nightmare pilot. Was working on upgrading to the THEN optimal fit, had the advanced fit ... looked quite similar i think to the current one used by WTM. About 3 years ago i took a break from eve, only returned last week and was thinking in doing some incursions in the weekends. My questions 1. What ISK/h are we looking at nowdays? Just out of curiousity 2. How often are incursions ran by you guys? 3. Has the triglavian invasion impact incursions? When i got back i noticed my nightmare was stuck in pocvhen region in one of the systems i used to run incursions ... took me a couple of days to figure out how to get it back heh 4. Are newbs allowed/wanted? I have many years experience in eve and i have quite a few hours in incursions but the 3 years hiatus kinda made me forget stuff so im most likely a newb at this. Thank you!