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    Hi everyone. New bro here, 3 months old ( almost). Found this activity a few days ago after listening to the podcast Talking in stations with Oxidizer Khaz. I am having not a great time with my current corp, the people, and community ( few guys, if I can call community) are great and they are the main reason I am still there, but our FC doesn't seem to want to command, teach, support or even share any plans or ideas with anyone. The toxic environment and rudeness towards new players are a constant and that is making a few of us looking to another home or stuff to do. When I was listening to that podcast, I was immediately sold to this type of activity and community and started immediately working on my skills and my Hyperion. I played like mental for 3 days in a row, ratings, PVP, mining, etc, just to inject and be able to join this activity. I already can fly the Hyperion and the fit expressed on the website, my question about this is my cap, depletes in 5:40 with everything activated, can I improve this, or sounds reasonable? I'm currently based in Sinq Liason and I am trying to decide where to put a jump clone ( suggestions are gladly accepted), and also reading the guides and the webpage for WTM to get as much possible info and try not to screw up I hope to fly with you guys asap, really excited about this!