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  1. WTS 2x Kronos Fully Fit

    2 Fully fit WTM kronos in amarr. 5.5bil each
  2. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    @Eliz Marbly would you take 2b ?
  3. Elite Basi Fits

    Generally with the ships - if you can fit the item and use it - you have the required skills. There are some ships (marauders/T3) that we do require specific skills for - but these ships require you to submit to a skill check before you are authorised to fly them. As for LC level, there is a lvl4 fit Scimi so that's OK. Xing up with a basi while being lvl4 also becomes obvious when the Basi pilot is either continually not repping (this does get checked regularly while on a fleet), or broadcasting for cap (basis shouldn't need cap unless they have the Outuni). People Xing up in different fits than they are flying also gets picked up regularly via ship scanning - and is a bannable offence I might add! Implant sets however are very hard to / impossible to police. They are also very easy to forget (hell, I forgot my booster implant yesterday in nikkis fleet!) Like I say, I do like the idea - and the fit as far as I can see right now would work. However requiring implants for it to work is just a no no. Saying that - as @Charr Coal mentioned - once you get to L badge you can X up with it, and its up to the FC what he does with it.
  4. Elite Basi Fits

    As an FC, I can tell you I do not want ANY fit where I need to start checking up on the implants in peoples heads! We need the implant for the booster - fine - we can easily tell when this is missing from the boost amounts. How do we tell an implant is missing form a logis head - instantly making that logi a lot less viable. Its painful enough having to check people abyssals, but having to confirm implants in peoples head is just extra not needed work. I like the idea - but the policing of an implant set makes it a hard no from me.
  5. Elite Basi Fits

  6. Back to Incursions soon(ish)

    Welcome back and look forward to seeing you in fleet. Make sure to start running you read through the guides - honeslty it doesn't take that long. Aftr a few sites the muscle memory will come back and you'll be right back at it!
  7. thinking about coming back

    Just remember to read the guide for marauders for the basic marauder skill requirement, and then there is some additional recommended skills per marauder. A lot of people rush to get into the hull, and leave behind the supporting skills such as acceleration control, surgical strike, thermodynamics, advanced target management etc etc.