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  1. Marauder Initiative

    My corp is looking at going into building battleships, I'm sure once we are more established, I'm happy to look at how we can support you in this!
  2. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    The reason I don't want to fly a Vindi is because of the terrible time I had in TDF. I've sold my Vindi and was told to bring my Mach to WTM because they are friendly and welcoming and the first thing I was greated by sounds of discuss and told to get out of it and fly a ship worse than my Vargur. I'll stick with the mach for now until my skills meet WTM standards.
  3. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    You've missed the point. Eliz. It requires 80 days to fly my Vargur in WTM. Skills that alot of pilot's don't have at level 5. Now I have made an assumption that is because due to it being easy to mess up and get yourself killed if you bastion incorrectly just before a switch or MJD yourself into doom. Hence the fit I posted reduces pilot error but allows them to fly the hull. It's about bringing best dps you can already do while training into the meta. Instead of training in the other direction and having less pilots that can fly the meta. At this moment in time fleets are missing out on a 2300dps due to a pretty high skill requirement.
  4. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    Hello o7 Quick about me, a new pilot to WTM (I'm in the gross Macherial) and ex TDF line pilot left due to over toxic behavior. So after learning about how hated the Mach is and now the Leshak is has been removed from optimal (I'm not complaining I completely understand why they are seen that way) I was suggested to grab a Nightmare and fly that. I looked at the required skills and fit for an entry Nightmare, 1 day and 880mil Isk later I end up with around 773dps, I end up doing less damage than if I was in my Machariel. "Yeah yeah you have crap skills, get on with your point!" Well, I can fly a Vargur that I use for VGs but I can't fly the ship in WTM without another 80 days of training. Without Bastion I clock 1368dps. Can you see where I am going with this? Instead of wasting Isk and training time on a Nightmare, when I can already fly something that does nearly double the DPS?* The Nightmare had more tank, granted. But maybe we can look at having an Entry Level None-Bastion Marauder? Tank it up a bit and remove the Bastion and MJD? In a matter of fact, this fit now follows the guidelines on the WTM fits website. You can apply this fit to all three marauders. The reason I'm saying this is that I was told that the skills required are "skills I already should already have!", which seemed negative and subjective. Why should I train 21 days diverting my skill queue from the already 80-day long skill queue just to fly something that does the same DPS or less than something I can already fly? It's a waste of potential. I would rather bring the conversation than just sit on it and say nothing. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.