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  1. skill plan

    Turns out I also cannot edit... anyways. initial skill points needed are 1,132, 975. this has plenty left over. Then the extra skills require 1,330, 047. Your quality of life in an incursion fleet increases greatly if you do invest that little bit extra.
  2. skill plan

    @nyxoftorment a beginner character straight from the fires of birth will take you 3 large skill injectors to get the minimum skills for the Faction Battleships. The important skills to focus on include obviously the 2 Racial Battleship skills (for the hull), gunnery skills (for the guns of choice and T2 damage mods), shield skills (for T2 shield mods + get skills for T2 DCU). Then with remaining isk, I highly recommend pushing on some capacitor skills, fitting skills, drone skills. Then maybe some more points into battleships. My isk usage recommendation of 5Bill to not be a terrible incursion pilot, is as follows... The starter fit (with some changes for lower entry skills) = about 650m Then lets move onto the skills. Initial skills for this fit are as follows. This does cost 3 skill injectors. Approx. 2.325Bill So you have about 2Bill leftover. Of course your choice to stick with this, or perhaps use the remaining isk on being better, as follows. This will then put your total investment to your target of 5Bill. Of course, I'm certain I've missed certain skills, and they'll be plenty of people who'll argue this list, but this is just my humble opinion. After this is complete, get the Racial Battleship skills to lvl 4, or if you're happy with slow lock speeds and only able to lock 3 targets, inject battleship instead. If you would like any other advice, you're welcome to message in-game and be noted, I'm not a current FC with WTM.
  3. New Skill Guide and ship progress

    @Jezra Tanaka To make the new-bro Standard Raven work would need a fit like this. This would then cost 413m to achieve 99.2kehp with 66.7k ehp in shields. So it is do-able. The fittings are not an issue, my no-skills alt can fly in no problem. With lack of Hull and Shield skills, I am down to 91.2k ehp. but still 60.8k ehp in shields. Which overall is more than most optimally tanked vindicators in shield EHP. It does 8 dps less than the Navy (Yes 8) and does lose application of that damage, but lets face it, they both aren't great ships. I believe the standard Raven was removed years ago when the tank was not as good, and it kept getting popped. Or perhaps a mid-slot or 2 was added over time to make this fit do-able??? Either way, I don't see a reason why it isn't accepted.
  4. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    I can give a serious answer sure! My optimal layout to complete all 3 HQ sites in equal spread of time would be. 9 logi. Containing 3 Basilisks, 6 scimitars. 10 snipers. Containing 3 Machariels, 7 Nightmares. 20 dps. Containing 15 Vindicators and 5 non-optimal ships hopefully containing a Long-range web bhaalgorn, or painter Golem, or starter hyperions. 1 Booster. Being a Claymore providing maximum skirmish boosts and a painter utility.
  5. WTM Shop - What should I stock?

    Dunno if you what opinions of your current stock but... - T1 drones should be removed for Federation Navy drones instead. Cost/Benefit for them is worth it. - Imperial Navy Xray L is not a useful crystal. Only ones you really need is FACTION Multi, Gamma, UV and Gleam L. For pulses, Conflag and Scorch are good too. - Gamma L, Infrared L, Microwave L, Multifrequency L, Radio L, Standard L, Ultraviolet L, Xray L are not approved ammo types. must be FACTION. Crystals in bold still shouldn't be used in incursions regardless of faction or not. - Sentry drones are not encouraged for most ships due to the "moving" nature of incursions. having stationary drones causes them to have to be pulled in every 2 minutes/losing dps or never dropping them at all.