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  1. Want to try incursions! Worried about sec standing in high sec

    I have fixed my standings! That was easy, just had to train the diplomatic skill and that got it over -0.5 finally haha! So I don't need to be a part of Warp to Me corporation to join up in a fleet right?
  2. Want to try incursions! Worried about sec standing in high sec

    Hello all! Thanks for the answers. I have Logi Cruisers 4 so I think the minimum fit is more suitable for me. I will take a look at fixing some of my standings from that are worse than -0.5 with caldari and amarr. before starting
  3. Hello everyone! I've been looking to try the incursion content in this game since I've never done it before and I've heard the money is good! I can fly the optimal scimitar logi fit (with about 8 seconds worth of cap with everything activated, is that normal? and minus the t2 rep drones) So what I wondered mostly is my security standing in Amarr and Caldari high sec systems, they are crap and I get shot if I go into those systems. Is that something I should get fixed first, since the incursions will be happening in high sec? Or how does it typically work? It might be a weird question but I would appreciate any answers. Thank you all so much, i love you Cheers