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  1. What if WTM was a service provider?

    the issue isn't so much on the ability to run them. the issue is LS and NS are PVP environments where we can be dropped easily. Even if we run t2 fits which are actually viable. 60 pax would make dream work indeed. but remember each marauder even t2 fit is 1.2-1.5b to a pvper. thats FREE FOOD. blops cyno is still available in cyno jammed system. you can set up defensive bubbles outside the gate but without a POS to dock up/tether, you're exposed. You can't rely on locals for coverage either unless you pay taxes. While we can defo share how to run the sites more efficiently and recruit local pilots, do remember a lot of these null blocks arent exactly friendly with one another and generally fly HS incursions with a neutral toon. In addition, some of these null blocks aren't exactly friendly with HS incursions and do try to gank us. So a combo wombo of all of the above is kinda why we stay in highsec focusing on what we do best. If there's null blocks thats keen to do something, i'm sure we can probably discuss a bit.HMU if u have anything. in game pilot name Some Pilot
  2. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    You may find most of these resources by asking in our Warp To Me Incursions in game channel. I'm you will receive a lot of different ones to try out to your liking
  3. Saturday Logi School

    I have ospreys i can loan out in ashab for your class. Fitted with reps/ABs/resebos to simulate links. As well as a cyclone to simulate booster
  4. Elite Basi Fits

    I wouldn't deny it's a great set up. But our limitations of checking implants is an issue as well. If the pilot is not cap stable and either can't contribute to the fleet as a reliable logi, we're risking our fleet safety in that sense.
  5. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve

    I might hold another one in AUTZ
  6. Logistics School!

    Lefath Blue and myself (Some Pilot) will be holding logistics school should there be sufficient interest. We'll have practice ships to loan to you to practice all the different mechanics to be used when flying Logistics for WTM. Next Logi School will be coming Tuesday 1900hrs EVE Time (when focus up) @ new Dock up for Logischool @ pre DT late USTZ, do reply here for interest. Should there be enough, I'll org one. Topics to be covered (more to be added as we move forward) 1. Site Mechanics & Anchor Positions 2. Logi Reps & Utility 3. Aggro/Sansha Information/Situational Awareness 4. Q&A.