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  1. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve

    I might hold another one in AUTZ
  2. Logistics School!

    Lefath Blue and myself (Some Pilot) will be holding logistics school should there be sufficient interest. We'll have practice ships to loan to you to practice all the different mechanics to be used when flying Logistics for WTM. Next Logi School will be coming Tuesday 1900hrs EVE Time (when focus up) @ new Dock up for Logischool @ pre DT late USTZ, do reply here for interest. Should there be enough, I'll org one. Topics to be covered (more to be added as we move forward) 1. Site Mechanics & Anchor Positions 2. Logi Reps & Utility 3. Aggro/Sansha Information/Situational Awareness 4. Q&A.