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  1. Dual Logi Update

    Hi all, As mentioned in the meeting this is a quick update to the Dual logi program. Biggest thing is that LMs can now backseat a Dual logi trainee. LMs must be flying a logistics ship or booster in fleet. Things to look for; Moving - Is the trainee moving after landing in site quick enough Locking - Is the trainee locking all shield broadcasts in a timely manner Generally being a good logi pilot - Calling more/staggered reps, EWAR Targets etc. If the pilot is struggling with theses then it is your responsibility to get 1 of the characters off grid and debrief them. Dual logi trainees only count as 1 logi on grid until they complete the sign offs. Please mail the CLT's when you have back seated a dual logi and provide a quick rundown of what happened. (You can find a list in the command core section of the wait list) Redbull