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  1. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    TBH the fourth link isn't useful EITHER, the way we train Scimi pilots nowadays. If we still had 'em drop extras onto HHH/VVV, a range links adds 100-200ish dps on those guys, but a fourth on DDD has no real effect. This is why I occasionally mention the DDA+Ogre Scimi; it is the most worthwhile thing to do with that fourth low.
  2. Newb questions about incursions

    We are *very* unlikely to run more than one fleet, these days, not enough people x-ing up for it. Which is actually a good thing, because we had four-hour wait times for a while!
  3. In Tidacha, our current dockup. There won't be a new spawn up yet, Tidacha is pretty central for incursions so it's a good place to wait between spawns anyway. This is essentially the same advanced logi school I did a couple of weeks ago, a bit more developed. A lot of this turns out to be about *delay*; we've got enough reps on field, why does it take as long as it does to get them on people? How do we get that to happen faster? Also, I've got things set up for the exercises I couldn't do last time; they should be at least a little bit of fun. You'll see what your reps actually *do*. Topics I've got written down are threads: delay, teamwork Steady state Verbal Commands and Timing Landing, and the landing checklist The Steak Thing Switches, and the switch checklist The sawtooth function, or, why we decycle That fourth link Cap broadcasts Outunis, and neuts in general "Elite" fits Overheating Finding the Sandbag Exercises - Orbit distances - Burning your reps - What does a rep look like?, battleship edition - What does a rep look like?, fun edition You can show up without a logi ship; if you can find an afterburner cruiser with at least one large rep that would be a good step, but it's mostly just talkin'.
  4. The usual "Logi School" for WTM is basically a longer version of the newbro speech logi get, with some obsolete detail about the cap chain for basilisks. I've said what I have to say about that in (1). I'd been flying the basilisk for three or four years when I wrote that, which may tell you something about me and logistics ships. This is going to be something different. I've talked about most of this stuff in fleet at one time or another, but never gathered it up into one place before. The main topics in my notes are threads: time, cap, teamwork, the opposite of teamwork Steady state Verbal Commands and Timing The Steak Thing Switches The sawtooth function, or, why we decycle That fourth link Cap broadcasts Outunis, and neuts in general "Elite" fits Overheating Finding the Sandbag Exercises - Orbit distances - Burning your reps - What does a rep look like?, battleship edition - What does a rep look like?, fun edition This will start at 1630 EVE time on October 31, just about twelve hours after the spawn probably dies. It'll take about seventy minutes including the exercises. In the unlikely event that a spawn shows up during the thing, we can do the in-ship bits and then I'll keep babbling while everybody packs up and moves. If you don't have a logistics ship, you can do the in-ship stuff with any cruiser fitted with a couple of shield reps and an afterburner; Scythe or Osprey are pretty obvious candidates, and Dodixie's right over there. 1)
  5. Marauder Initiative

    I built Vargurs for a year or two. If what you need is characters with production skills, I think the main ones aren't doing much these days-- been busy these past few years, and then the recent changes made all the money go to whoever owns the reactor for the carbon fiber things so I stopped doing freighters. You could in-game mail me or something and we could talk about details.
  6. Elite Basi Fits

    That is a no. Since we do not check implants, we cannot allow line pilots to fly any fit that would require implants.
  7. The recent change to Basilisk fits means that you all have two combat caps. This raises an issue that hasn't come up for line pilots much before: if you have more than one combat cap, SPLIT THEM between different targets. This is especially critical when there are multiple broadcasts up. Two battleships at 30% cap, both getting cap, will both stay functional. If two are at 30% and only one gets capped, that one falls behind. Double-capping Ajax doesn't do a thing for Benvenuto. Even if you're just randomly capping people, the way cap regeneration works as a game mechanic makes putting multiple caps on the same target inefficient. Every bit of cap you add to somebody's pile past 29.6% reduces their cap regeneration.. Capping someone who is already above 70% or so just means that you're just replacing their own native regen, which doesn't delay their next broadcast at all. So, the cap hit that takes a guy from 30 to 35% adds more TIME for him, than the one taking him from 35 to 40. It's easy to see this when flying a battleship yourself; just warping to site takes you down to 75%, just doing the first burn takes you down to 50%, but then you just.. stay there, almost? The second way that putting multiple caps on a target causes inefficiency is rapid target switching. Switching any module from one target to another takes between three and five seconds. There's a whole process: you hit the button to turn the module off, wait for its cycle to end, make sure you've got the right new target selected, hit the button again, and wait for the server to acknowledge the change. If you put both caps on the same person, you're dumping 30% cap into them in about fifteen seconds and need to switch after three cycles, and you lose between 20-30% of your total output while you push the buttons. If you split your caps, you can switch every thirty seconds, lock two targets at the same time, and lose only 10%. Also, you'll have more free time to do stuff like checking to make sure people are in the right positions. All of this goes out the window if there's an Outuni on field because its target gets all caps, but even there you need to STAGGER your caps. You're not going to be able to keep people from getting zeroed out by the Outunis by dropping more cap on them when they're still full, but if you stagger them you reduce the amount of time they have hardeners off from a max of about seven seconds to about five. WAIT two seconds, two full seconds, before firing that second cap transmitter. tl;dr: For maximum effectiveness treat your two cap transmitters as two separate things, not as one double-sized xmit.
  8. Marauder Initiative

    If you want to find a "good, cheap and reliable logistic group," just use public courier contracts. You can get things shipped for about 1m isk/billion in value/jump; this comes out to 4.7% of cost to Amarr, 2.7% to Rens, 1.6% to Dodixie. I've been doing it for years, getting isotopes to Jita and modules out to the hinterlands. For more particulars, check out the "Haulers Channel" chat channel in-game.
  9. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    Hammerheads get destroyed a *lot* more than Ogres do, no idea why. I used to put Hammers in my Claymore, and I usually didn't get all five back from a TCRC bash. I don't think anybody is going to kick you off the waitlist for bringing them, but it's not profitable
  10. Marauder Stuff From the Field

    Me in particular, I've been Kronos'ing, and a few items: 1) daaaang, melting a Yulai by yourself in 15 seconds is fun. Okay, that's not useful exactly, but still... y'all want to train for these. A few general things: "Sniper" or "DPS" no longer exist. All of the marauders have the range to effectively hit anything on the field. If you need to spend a wave or two murdering stuff at 80km, fine, do that. In related news, we have a billion locks. Feel free to lock stuff up that MIGHT be interesting. Maybe you won't need to kill that Vylade, but you can look. A Yulai is twenty seconds without heat, a Deltole about 45, an Ostingele 70, an Intaki close to 90. You can do better with big abyssals or big Pyrolancea. Nikifleet runs fast enough that DB5 is profitable, just sayin'. When a new wave spawns, it's faster to look at the frigates and make sure you aren't getting aggro before hitting bastion, than it is to wait until somebody ELSE broadcasts. It's also safer, because the switch happens in *exactly* two bastion cycles... soonest in, soonest out. Nothing is sadder than losing five seconds of bastion time to an ammo switch. You can drift about 10km if you hit bastion while at full speed. Wheee! NRF stuff: Common "last man standing" targets in teach wave: first wave, Vylades. Second wave, Antems. Third, Antems again. You can anchor a few kilometers toward the *next* anchor point. 10 west of the first anchor, 10 north-northeast of the second. This saves you a bit of time getting to the next wave, you're still in optimal, and that bit of extra distance reduces traversal. TPPH stuff: You can clear the Ostingeles in the first two rooms fast enough that Vindicators have time to pay more attention to frigates. On the flip side, you suck at frigates because you have no webs. Go ahead, beg for frigate help early. I can see DDD being less of a thing once we get used to this, because the ten or so vindi's can all shoot frigates after the high-threat targets go down all through this site. TCRC stuff: If you're not being contested, It's practical to help clear Deltoles for a bastion cycle or so once they get close-ish, and bastion is safer once they're gone.
  11. Marauder Stuff From the Field

    A thread to drop stuff that you've figured out about marauders. The guides aren't bad, but they can't know everything; new stuff keeps turning up, and we should share the knowledge a bit.
  12. Multi-Boxing - 3 Accounts

    Running these requires attention. Back when short fleets were more of a thing I could count on getting about half damage from a person's second battleship and the occasional shield broadcast from the wrong character. Nowadays, with everything dying faster and the nightmares moving around more, it would be worse. Better to save the empty spot in fleet for a real human.
  13. First impressions of bastion paladin

    Hallo, Parus! It was good to see you on grid yesterday We're talking about this in the commander forums now and.. yeah, you've been mentioned. Lotta "whoooa dang we need this" going on. It's going to take a while to fit these into fleet in a way that doesn't just come down to "everybody self-tank, stop using logi." Hopefully we can figure out a doctrine where the individual marauder only has to last long enough to end their bastion cycle and start getting reps off logi, maybe let us jam another damage mod or two on the things. We'll see how it goes.
  14. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I've had a couple days to digest this, and read the various mails, and I've come to the conclusion that no, this *really* doesn't work. The most important reason is that there's a game mechanic that means this doesn't actually defend against contests. Second is that the fleet *itself* ran more slowly with more people in it. It feels like the general disruption around cap chains and drone bunnies would be a third reason, but that part we could practice out of. A thing I didn't know at the start of the day, but did by the end, is that if you've got a fleet and some of them warp off before the end of the site, the damage those warped-off people did does not count for contest results! Apparently this is a Known Thing among old TVP guys, but I never flew with TVP. If we start with too many people on grid and get contested, we have to leave them on grid for the whole site. There's an interesting bit of game theory there-- sure, contest us and we'll lose but also, you won't win-- but it's not actually useful. There were a lot of other things going on that made the fleet relatively slow. Most of those I think we could work out with time and practice. But this mechanic actually makes contests *worse* for us, and I just don't see a way to get around that. This was worth trying, but... nah.
  15. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I gleefully look forward to considerable mess and at least one total payout welp. I mean, we'll try not to, but also, I'm bad at things. Per-wing cap chain! This is why I want 3 basilisks in the command group, so we'll have combat caps to run sites. Per-wing drone bunnies as well. This is going to need wing-chats, isn't it?... I understand this, but I can't not let people in because community-building. One thing I can say is that if we have THAT many logi, other opportunities open up. Don't worry, you'll have reasons to stay awake. Can a wing of pancakes eat a Vylade at 80km? I got Vylades I need killed.