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  1. It was with the ditanian fleet if I remember correctly. I will eventually fly both, but scimi seems to be the easiest to get started with.
  2. Hi all, I just thought I would introduce myself. I'm a returning on and off EVE player from the UK. I originally started playing in 2008. I did some incursions with armour fleets in the past, a few years ago, and really enjoyed them. The only reason I stopped is because I wanted my main outside of high-sec, and my alliance was always at war! I always fly logi and enjoy it more than DPS. (Logi V on my main) So, I'm back in EVE, still want to be outside HS but want to do incursions too. I went for the 3 months of Omega that included 3 months of MCT, which means I have enough MCT time to train my trader alt to fly a Scimi/Basilisk for incursions. Will be about 2 months before I have the necessary skills to fly effectively. I've set up my skill plan for Scimi to begin with. As I can do vanguards and HQ with him then. Is that a good plan? I thought I would connect up with you guys before getting into fleets in a few months. Waka