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  1. Nightmarechat MOTD

    Ello there. After flying HQs in my nightmare for a while I've seen a lot of capchain-fuckups because of the order of the MOTD. If you have the standard-chat window format you have to scroll up everytime the motd gets changed to see both sections (stable and chain) This lead to many a nightmare not getting cap in the middle of fleet because another nightmare joined in, the capchain got changed and someone did not notice it. Malcolm changed this for us yesterday and switched the stable- and chain-section so you at least see the capchains without having to scroll. I would like to propose the following improvements: a) Keep the order, the chain-section is a lot more important than who's AAA (already in the Fleet-MOTD) b) Shift one of the 3 bottom lines to above the chain/stable sections. Since fits are checked by FC anyway before even getting on waitlist, I propose moving the yellow captransfer-section to above the stable-section. Best regards, Martyrus