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  1. Preparing to Apply to the WTM FC Progrom

    o7 If you are serious about being a FC for WTM, there are a few things to prepare for. This guide is going to step through some of them but it is not intended to be all inclusive. This is designed for the average case. As an Training FC [T-badge], you will be required to display traits of a good FC that are observed and recorded by full badge FCs [F-badges], Logi Masters and/or Certified Trainers [CFTs/CLTs/MTs]. If they are convinced that you can do what is required of you in certain area, that commander will give you a sign off. This guide will not promise you an edge on getting sign-offs but this will give you an edge on the application. Character Skills and items Skills to fly an optimal battleship. You should be able to fly an optimal battleship. It really helps to fly a sniper and vindi You can choose between the Nightmare and Macherial. Both are optimal in their own right It is recommended that you own An optimal battleship It isn't required that you have the optimal fit for that ship It helps to have the deadspace tank for at least one of those ships Nice to have but not required A sniper [at least a standard fit] a vindi [at least a standard fit] bowhead for transport A logi of choice [basi or scimi] Only buy a booster and the fitting after you have been accepted. Listed in the Rules and Regulations [R&R] are some skills you will need to fly a booster. You will need these in order to get a sign off required This is a lengthy train. It helps to be done with the majority of the train before applying Read the R&R on the required skills for boosters Get the Republic Fleet Implant. Don't plug it in or create clone for the use until you have been accepted Experience You are gonna need to be active in the community Fly in fleet The governing council reserves the right to change the activity requirement on a case by case basis. This alone has caused strife in the community on numerous cases. To avoid this: Fly at least twice a week for a month in different time zones with different FCs. Fly in EU TZ. Fly in US TZ. Fly more if you can. Volunteer for Roles Having a vindi comes in handy here. With a Vindi you can volunteer for three different roles DDD, VVV and HHH Volunteer a lot even if you don't know the role or are horrible at it. Be known for flying well and being active The more you fly; the more you learn. Leading a fleet in incursions is all about good habits, learning how to fly them better and knowing where to find information. There is a culture you need to pick up. Some of it is terrible. Some of it great. Learn the better parts You are gonna need the isk to buy ships, mods, rigs, implants and/or skill injectors. When you become a T-badge, you are gonna need to fly, a lot. Set aside time. Like 4-8 hours a week Don't apply to be a T-badge if you have serious time commitments that really demanding. Real Life Comes First Attitude WTM has a wide range of commanders. The majority of them are respectful and decent folk. You are going to be expected to be as decent; if not more. Chances are you are not going to be the best thing to hit incursions since vindis and leshaks but that is ok. Come to WTM to fly, have fun and learn. When you become a full badge, stay in the fleets to have fun Becoming a T-badge does not mean you get to do whatever you want and act as you wish. It is a community. It is built around being new pilot friendly and being about the line pilot experience.
  2. Could someones explain me bloper blogerr or which ever his name is

    The man is a legend. Ask him
  3. 2 ReSeBo Basi

    This isn't an apples to apples compare. The idea of using 2 resebos is pretty cool but the ship has to be completely replaceable in utility by its standard version with the exception of the resebos. Same repping power, cap delta, cap transfer amount, speed, tank, sig, etc. You could make the argument for the tank but you would need to shuffle things around to fix the cap stability issue.
  4. Logi School

    @Johnny Raye I stirred the pot and I did not turn up any results. Sorry. Please keep a watch on the waitlist and the warpto the logi channel for best chance to catch a logi school.
  5. Logi School

    I apologize. They are held usually when residents come through and hold a logi school. I will make rounds and see if there is a Logi Master, Certified Logi Trainer or a resident that will teach. Please, standby.
  6. Hello from the TVP Community!

    o7, 1) Noted. I am one that likes to give the DDD that edge in the tcrc and I find that if webbed it takes a few seconds more. yeah it does take more time. Point noted. 2) I have debated this. Mostly I do not run this site as often anymore due to the dual boxer. I also debated that a paint will probably make all the difference in the world. Sig radius plays more heavily into hit formulas than tracking if I can remember correctly. 3) Noted. I run more logi heavy than most fcs but I also run more kitchen sink fleets than most fcs. I do like to hedge my bets. As Tohkay said, there isn't much reason to risk more for the same gain. In the last focus, I ran an average of under 10 minutes from payout to payout in tcrcs with an average travel of 35km-ish between sites. It is not incredibly fast but for a fleet of non-optimized, no-stress/no-drama, no ascendancy clones with a hefty sprinkle of newbie pilots; it is not that bad. I am not going to contest fleets but I really don't have to. I just have to keep my fleet motivated, moving and taking sites ahead of tdf, nga and the golem dude. Thank you for your feedback. I have noted that tvp maybe would have survived longer if they had more been aggressive in getting prospects a training badge. I would have been flying tvp if that were the case. Shit happens. See you in fleet o7
  7. DPS Anchor Points

    Always nice to remember, we all mess up. If you are not on target a few times, don't sweat it. Just adjust your position. Use the 'Q' positioning and the tactical overview.
  8. Long Time No See

    o7 wb Skylar
  9. Logi School

    LOGI SCHOOL! There will be a logi school on the 25th of August @ 2200 EVE taught by me. (This works out to 24th of August @ 8PM Eastern US). As always this will be at the DOCKUP posted in Warp To Me Incursions MOTD. I prefer you show up in a wtm logi boat to get the complete experience. If you don't have a logi boat you can come as you are. See you in fleet o7 Max
  10. Logi School

    Hey, I am just saying it is possible Poidy. LOL
  11. Logi School

    Negative, Poidy. I am pretty sure Toni is the only one qualified to give you a logi school but she might make you be a CLT again.
  12. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Hey Karen Frost, I can understand your position. Everything said by Skyler is true. WTM hopes that as pilots invest more in themselves they get better as pilots with better ships and have the ability to use more advanced fits. Its cool when you have some really have a fleet that kicks some serious ass and everyone has a great time. Sometimes this doesn't happen but sometimes you have to hope that people will want work harder. WTM despite being considered the underdog of the HQ communites. I don't think our success is limited by the number of optimal ships we have (it certainly helps) but by the kinds of pilots we have that x up. You get of bunch of people committed to the fleet; things go faster. I would rather have 3 hyperions chasing down and blasting a couple of ostis than one lack luster optimal vindi that can bother to web or be in range of their target. Besides limiting the number of non-optimal hulls and requiring skill checks/reqs, what would you want to see? Do you want DPS crash courses? Do you think we should put out vids of how to pilot better for each ship class? Would rather see more community events? Any cool ideas? Thanks, Max
  13. Logi School

    New Logi School! After DT on Saturday the 26th of the August 2017. Come on by and learn how to logi or do logi better. Or just come for the shiny Logi Participant TS Badge (Blue Cross).
  14. Logi School

    Sure! More the merrier!
  15. Logi School

    Logi School on Saturday the 5th of August @ 0100 Server time.