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  1. What is better for the fleet?

    @Commrade Chaos if you really enjoy flying with WTM, you might want to invest in at least three more ships if not five after your mach Deadspace tanked Vindi with faction mag stabs and faction ddas. Carrying t2 orges (you are gonna leave some behind ) A logi of choice. I recommend the basi because they are the rate limiting ship in fleets. You run out of basi and you run out of fleet. A hull tanked bowhead to transport everything in. Transverse bulkheads, the works To be brutally honest about the mach, there are three levels of mach pilots: the high sp sandbagger, the overtanked can't hit anything and the non-replaceable mach pilot. The kind you really want to be is make your mach blingy enough to be slightly more than a glass cannon with a toon with enough SP to be an absolute specialist. You can be that pilot that continually steps up: does mtac, hits those armor shots, specializes in stealing kills in contests and being at the right place at the right time. If that play style appeals, go for it. You should branch out so you don't get bored. If you get the vindi, basi and bowhead, you might want to invest in two more ships after that. A scimi and nightmare. I prefer a nightmare because they are better aggro magnets for AAA in TCRCs but to each their own. Have fun out there.
  2. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    Brok, you can probably tell this is a big ticket item for a lot of FCs and LMs. And everyone seems to have their own "best case scenario" which can be good or bad. At the end of the day, most losses are a composite of a great number of things that go wrong. Some sites go horribly wrong and not because people do or don't know how to run the sites. Standard operating procedures are great and I love them. I don't think you will ever get four fcs on at the same time who will agree how to run the site, even from the same community. Really, the best you can do is all that really matters. This maybe completely full of shit but flying and enjoying the fleet is really what it is all about. If you can find a few fleet that don't completely bore you or don't grind your nerves raw, then the small shit doesn't matter that much.
  3. Command Core Tools: User Interface Pointers

    Thank you for this
  4. You were kicked from fleet....

    If you have recieved a mail and kick at the completion of site, chances are you were kicked. There are many reasons you might have been kicked. This list is not exclusive or all inclusive but if you are looking to be a better pilot and not end up out of fleet; do not do these things: Adaptive invuls were off. Yes your fcs and lms are looking at your ship. If they remain unused, your ship will probably remain unused in dock up. It is a fleet safety matter. Logi is not here to save everyone who thinks they can save on cap or live dangerously. You were not consistently with the fleet. FCs notice when you are not on grid. The point of running the sites is to run them. Shoot things. Rep things. DON'T DIE. Have fun. If you are not gonna be there, some one else will gladly take your spot. You were not shooting. If you are in a ship with guns or missiles and you can't find time to shoot, then this is probably not the thing for you. Incursions can get a little boring at times but they get more interesting the higher the percentage of participation. The more people shooting; the faster site times get. You stopped locking up shield broadcasts. If you are a logi and you stopped locking up fleet members who need your help, then its time to put the reppers away and dock up. WTM doesn't function without its logi. WTM has always been grateful for them but if you aren't repping then you are not a logi. You shot tag J. Tag J is a safety tag. If you shoot it, expect to get kicked. No excuses. Sitting at the beacon. If you are the last boat at the beacon and the site is in full swing, chances are you will hear your name followed by "burn off the beacon and find your anchor." Everyone messes up and forgets to q align or press keep at range every once in a while. If you have to be told repeatedly, you are gonna get replaced with some who will pay attention and participate. Didn't drop your drones. In WTM fleets, a full fleet of drones can be 1.5 to 2 vindis worth of damage. If you believe that one or two people don't make a big difference, imagine what happens when 10 or 20 pilots don't drop their drones. Those tpphs that can take 20 minutes complete could take 1/2 hour. Sites times increase. Fleet sites around waiting for rats to die. It isn't fun. Drop your drones, assign them to assist and pick them back up before the room is done. Improper fits. There is a trust that exists between commanders and line members. We trust you to come to fleet with what you x up with. Break that trust and you might not be caught the first time or the fifth time. When you are caught, it will probably be a perma band. Fly the right fits. Couldn't use what you x'ed up with. The idea behind the community is have fun, make isk and run some sites. Do not bring anything you can't use. This goes for drones, guns, tank mods, prop mods or anything else. Don't cheat yourself. Don't cheat the fleet. Didn't broadcast. Maybe you could not take your attention from a screaming child, a pet who needs your attention, your phone or game of thrones but you need to broadcast on time. Not only are you saving your ship but potentially the next 3 ships. Aggro splits when things die. Losing ships after another ship is loss is more common than people think. Pay attention and participate. Leroying. You took a gate you were not supposed to and it potentially could have cost you your ship, the fleet's site time or some one else's ship. Everyone wants to fly but ask for gate status always. Enough mails for SRP start with "Leroy site and then..." Broke RULE 1: Don't be a dick. We are a community. Try and get along. Believe it or not, there are bunch of cool people who fly our fleets. Yes, we all have issues but please be at the very least civil. You don't have to be kind but civil. Argued with Commanders. Commanders are not always the nicest of people. I am barely civilized but we all try to help and keep fleets running safely so we all can make iskies. We don't get paid extra. We have to put up with each other and, believe it or not, we often get into arguments trying to provide you with the best content. Yes, we literally have drama trying to give you the best incursion experience we can. We try to help you be a better part of the fleet. We all understand that the best run fleets are built on you guys doing the right things at the right times. Sandbagging. Sandbagging is general term for not actively participating. Chances are, if you have a mail that says you were sandbagging; you are probably doing several of the items in this list. Did not follow instructions. FCs can get pretty boring sometimes. However, they are not saying random words in the mic. FCs and LMs call instructions to keep the fleet safe and moving. There is a reason for each call out and instruction. It's just like making a bowl of cereal. If you pour the millk before you have a bowl or cereal, you just have split milk and a mess. Follow instructions. Commanders have had the reason for these instructions drilled into their brains to help you earn more iskies. If you think you know better, either apply for a badge or leave fleet. Didn't listen. If you got a mail with, "please come back when you can listen..." then probably a commander tried to tell you something or get your attention but for whatever reason you didn't have your ears on. Music was too loud, muted your speakers, wiring problem, asleep at the keyboard, watching game of thrones or whatever. We need to be able reach you in case of an emergency at the worst and have you follow directions that best. We might be bouncing to a better site. We might be trying to stop you from losing your ship. If you can't hear us then we need to replace you with some one who can. Catch back up with us when the episode is over or you got your speakers fixed. You didn't respond. I have literally watched people miss out on the opportunity to earn free isk or a fully fit vindi because they just didn't respond. I have also watched people lose their ships because the could not be bother to respond. No one is out get you. Pay attention to your surroundings. Not shooting the right targets. It doesn't matter if you shooting 4 targets with 2 turrets a piece or shooting tag B when full fleet was told to shoot tag 1. There are definite reasons why we shoot what we shoot when we shoot. It is not for shits and giggles. you should group your guns and shoot the appropriate tag. It's that simple. Remember this is not a complete list. These are just a sample. The overall idea is to participate and have fun. We are just a bunch of nerds flying internet space ships. Let's not take ourselves too seriously but still please try to be a decent person to those that fly with you. See you in fleet o7 Max
  5. Could someones explain me bloper blogerr or which ever his name is

    The man is a legend. Ask him
  6. 2 ReSeBo Basi

    This isn't an apples to apples compare. The idea of using 2 resebos is pretty cool but the ship has to be completely replaceable in utility by its standard version with the exception of the resebos. Same repping power, cap delta, cap transfer amount, speed, tank, sig, etc. You could make the argument for the tank but you would need to shuffle things around to fix the cap stability issue.
  7. Logi School

    @Johnny Raye I stirred the pot and I did not turn up any results. Sorry. Please keep a watch on the waitlist and the warpto the logi channel for best chance to catch a logi school.
  8. Logi School

    I apologize. They are held usually when residents come through and hold a logi school. I will make rounds and see if there is a Logi Master, Certified Logi Trainer or a resident that will teach. Please, standby.
  9. Hello from the TVP Community!

    o7, 1) Noted. I am one that likes to give the DDD that edge in the tcrc and I find that if webbed it takes a few seconds more. yeah it does take more time. Point noted. 2) I have debated this. Mostly I do not run this site as often anymore due to the dual boxer. I also debated that a paint will probably make all the difference in the world. Sig radius plays more heavily into hit formulas than tracking if I can remember correctly. 3) Noted. I run more logi heavy than most fcs but I also run more kitchen sink fleets than most fcs. I do like to hedge my bets. As Tohkay said, there isn't much reason to risk more for the same gain. In the last focus, I ran an average of under 10 minutes from payout to payout in tcrcs with an average travel of 35km-ish between sites. It is not incredibly fast but for a fleet of non-optimized, no-stress/no-drama, no ascendancy clones with a hefty sprinkle of newbie pilots; it is not that bad. I am not going to contest fleets but I really don't have to. I just have to keep my fleet motivated, moving and taking sites ahead of tdf, nga and the golem dude. Thank you for your feedback. I have noted that tvp maybe would have survived longer if they had more been aggressive in getting prospects a training badge. I would have been flying tvp if that were the case. Shit happens. See you in fleet o7
  10. DPS Anchor Points

    Always nice to remember, we all mess up. If you are not on target a few times, don't sweat it. Just adjust your position. Use the 'Q' positioning and the tactical overview.
  11. Long Time No See

    o7 wb Skylar
  12. Logi School

    LOGI SCHOOL! There will be a logi school on the 25th of August @ 2200 EVE taught by me. (This works out to 24th of August @ 8PM Eastern US). As always this will be at the DOCKUP posted in Warp To Me Incursions MOTD. I prefer you show up in a wtm logi boat to get the complete experience. If you don't have a logi boat you can come as you are. See you in fleet o7 Max
  13. Logi School

    Hey, I am just saying it is possible Poidy. LOL
  14. Logi School

    Negative, Poidy. I am pretty sure Toni is the only one qualified to give you a logi school but she might make you be a CLT again.
  15. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Hey Karen Frost, I can understand your position. Everything said by Skyler is true. WTM hopes that as pilots invest more in themselves they get better as pilots with better ships and have the ability to use more advanced fits. Its cool when you have some really have a fleet that kicks some serious ass and everyone has a great time. Sometimes this doesn't happen but sometimes you have to hope that people will want work harder. WTM despite being considered the underdog of the HQ communites. I don't think our success is limited by the number of optimal ships we have (it certainly helps) but by the kinds of pilots we have that x up. You get of bunch of people committed to the fleet; things go faster. I would rather have 3 hyperions chasing down and blasting a couple of ostis than one lack luster optimal vindi that can bother to web or be in range of their target. Besides limiting the number of non-optimal hulls and requiring skill checks/reqs, what would you want to see? Do you want DPS crash courses? Do you think we should put out vids of how to pilot better for each ship class? Would rather see more community events? Any cool ideas? Thanks, Max