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  1. Lost badges D:

    It's ok, dont worry, no badges is the new black.
  2. Lost badges D:

    I lost my badges and this is my fault, i bought a new disk and the badges are on the old disk, ripperoni for my bades, I don't mind.
  3. Hello, What if WTM make deals with groups from low and null sec? The deal would be in this direction: -they will borrow the hulls and we will return them in the end of the focus -they will provide security, since it's their system and their hulls, being their hulls is important so we can bind this to security -they can fill the fleet with their pilots (fleet up to 60 people in low/null) and farm the ISK with us The benefits: -we won't have to worry about the hauling -we can go in empty pods without worrying about being podded -we will farm about 42,86% more ISK plus 42,86% more LP -we will make new friends and get more content Incursion runners are kind of space nomads and we could form a space caravan that brings this kind of service and content to other regions. From EVE University: Headquarter sites 31,500,000 ISK and 7,000 CONCORD LP in highsec for 20 up to 40 pilots (maximum payout). 45,000,000 ISK and 10,000 CONCORD LP for low- and nullsec for 20 up to 60 pilots (maximum payout). Vanguard sites 10,395,000 ISK and 1,400 CONCORD LP in highsec for 5 up to 10 people (maximum payout). 15,000,000 ISK and 2,000 CONCORD LP in low- and nullsec for 5 up to 15 people (maximum payout). Mothership sites 63,000,000 ISK and 14,000 CONCORD LP in highsec for 40 up to 80 pilots (maximum payout). 90,000,000 ISK and 20,000 CONCORD LP for low- and nullsec for 40 up to 120 pilots (maximum payout). So running 8 sites per hour in low/null sec, the fleet generates 21.6 bil ISK per hour, if the other group brings 30 pilots to the fleet they will bank 10.8 bil per hour so they can fully pay the investment and profit in the first focus and in the end the ships will still be theirs and we will return in the future and print more ISK together. If we can run 6 sites per hour in their systems then it still is 16.2 bil per hour for 60 pilots, while in high sec we can generate 10,08 bil ISK per hour running 8 sites with 40 pilots. The ISK pool in a low/null sec iincursion is exactly 100% bigger due to having more pilots plus the 41,86% more payout. If we run 6 sites in null/sec we will get 270 mil ISK per hour plus 60k LP against 8 sites in high sec that generates 252 mil ISK per hour plus 56k LP. We have to recognize that WTM members hold a great deal know-how that is very valuable soft power and we can make ISK of that. Is this a win win? At least in theory it is, tell me what you think about this, trash my arguments with no shame!
  4. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    quit other games, but was playing Factorio, CK2, Total War: Shogun 2 e indie games