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  1. DPS Numbers for Optimal Hulls

    Yes I understand they would be a huge help in terms of dps but I was looking at raw numbers for the Vindicators.
  2. DPS Numbers for Optimal Hulls

    Here is the optimal Vindi in PYFA with all LVL 5 skills. You can see a DPS value of 2418 so with non-lvl 5 skills you can expect around 2200-2300 DPS per Vindicator. If you see in the final column for the fed navy mag stabs you will see the 25.8% number. That is the increase that each mag stab gives before stacking penalties. They each cost 87.3 mil at current market values. A rough ISK can be worked out as 184k per DPS if we take the gun DPS and divide it by the market value of the mag stabs. If we just upgrade to 28% abyssal's which run you about 200 mil each for a total of 800 mil we see an increase of 80 DPS in the gun department. Taking the new numbers we see about 404k ISK per DPS at that level. So it might not sound like a lot of damage but over the course of a site but that extra 80 DPS equates to an extra 38,400 theoretical damage during an 8 min TCRC and when all the Vindicators upgrade to that level its an extra 768,000 damage.
  3. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I am down, for funsies can we have a missile boat wing?