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  1. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    My two cents: Fully cap stable scimi is nice, but not as useful as a 4 link scimi. There should not be any situations where a scimi needs to use all 4 reps long enough to cap out. iirc, the optimal scimi is like 2 minutes cap stable with everything running, which should be enough for initial and first swap (Especially since at least one of those targets is probably gonna be a marauder who won't let you rep them anyways...). Its more helpful to the fleet to work towards getting a trusted logi badge and bringing the extra link for DDDs than being cap stable. Also you can make the scimi 4 rep stable without implants or drugs by fitting a C type hardener and 4 T2 CPRs
  2. Upgrade policy

    We've been running the maths a fair bit behind the scenes. I'm by no means a math wizard, so please let me know if I mess up somewhere. Under the current upgrade policy, WTM expects pilots to have an Optimal Battleship HULL at 30 hours, with T2 Guns/Faction Damage Mod/Deadspace MWD at 90 hours, and a fully optimal fit at 125 hours. Assuming ~150m isk/hr which is a decent average for our fleets, pilots will have earned 4.5 billion isk, 13.5 billion isk and 18.75 billion isk respectively at these benchmark levels. For the Vindicator, the cost of the ship at these benchmark levels are approximately 1.5b, 2.7b and 4.1b respectively For the Nightmare, the cost of the ship at these benchmark levels are approximately 1.1b, 2.1B and 3.5b Assuming you fly 20 hours a month (or 5 hours a week), a pilot can expect to make 3b. After the cost of a plex (~1.5b) you have 1.5b isk/month to spend. Assuming you save 50% of the leftover isk for yourself, you have 750 m isk/month to spend for yourself and 750 m isk/month to upgrade your ship. Another way of looking at it is 750m/20 hours (again assumes you fly 20 hours a month, buy a plex every month at 1.5b and reinvest 50% of your raw profit) = 37m/hr we expect you to put towards your upgrade -> thus at 30 hours you have approximately 1.1b (plus whatever you get for selling your entry hull if its not an optimal hull), 3.3b at 90 hours and 4.6b at 125 hours, thus the reasoning behind those particular hours for the upgrade policy. At the end of the day, WTM is new pilot friendly, but we do expect new pilots to spend a decent amount of isk on upgrading themselves to help the community, as if nobody upgrades, and everyone is flying a Hyperion forever, TDF and NGA would simply bully us out of system and we make 0 isk/hr and nobody gets paid. Hope that helps explain why those particular requirements were set at those hours. TLDR: Nobody should NEED to reinvest 100% of what they earn to meet the benchmark levels. They were calculated such that it is definitely possible with a 50% reinvestment.
  3. Public Service Announcement to Everyone Who Flies a Nightmare

    Having multiple NMs attempt to MTAC simultaneously is good practice for when another fleet contests us. If another NM in fleet beats you to the MTAC, chances are another fleet's MTAC also would have done so. In any case, whoever manages to actually get the MTAC unit into their jetcan is responsible for dropping it, regardless of how many other NMs are nearby with their own jetcans. If you don't manage to get the MTAC into your jetcan, wait at the factory for the next one and let the person with the MTAC go do their thing