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  1. Balancing optimizing with being new-pilot friendly

    @Malcolm Galora people skills into T2 gun because they know the requirements because EvE says them , but than they stop because they dont know better . I have a friend who started Incursion and had T2 guns but his DPS was way < 1800 because he didnt know what Else to Skill / buy Faction Lows / put in 2x DPS implants and skillling some drone DPS skills that took no time . With low effort i pushed his DPS so easy over 2200 because i helped him and pusht him a little bit . Thats what newbros need . A really good example was the last Vindi who DieD . He had more than 200h+ in fleet but didnt had Damage rigs(also never got aggro) , thats a shame ..... But only FC and some other member see the Fit and didnt say anything or pushed him to buy A/B-Types and upgrade to dmg rigs and or maybe skilling DMG related skills . By the way , why not using this site https://eveskillboard.com/ so that people who assigned to help Pilots what skills they maybe missing , but for that we need people who are assigned todo that and check it , because optimal hull with T2 guns are nothing without the right skills. Btw : https://i.imgur.com/A8p5uc4.jpg the little meme i make , that was my way to improve my DPS , but for Newbros that could be so much more effient if someone took their by the hand and guide them to 2500+ DPS
  2. Balancing optimizing with being new-pilot friendly

    Just my humble opinion on this subject . I like the rules but only the 30h rule not the 90h rule, why I would like to explain. The 30h are in my opinion there to see if you like Incursion or not, for that 30h should be enough. So if you don't like Incursion after 30h, you have made some ISK and move on, but if you want to fly further -> Optimal Hull And here begins the first problem . No one cares that this rule is really respected, because in my opinion the FC has to do much too much alone / would like and has little time to constantly check people / help the rules are respected and the people are supported in upgrades, because many do not upgrade because they simply have no idea what everything is possible (faction modules / implants / skills). So no matter what rules you want to create or maintain please assign people to check Fit/Skills/Implants , and since only a few people see the Fits these people should also take care of it because it really is so easy in example of a vindicator to push the DPS if you know how (As an example I have a Vindicator 2500 MeMe) which is not so bad as guidance for people who have little idea , but as mentioned above people have to be appointed to check/remind/guide these pilots how to get to e.g. 2500 DPS as a vindicator, which is not really hard. Maybe create a badge for that because people like to achieve such things .... Next I would like to address Sandbaggers. I like to be in fleet a lot and every day you see people who are always last in the pocket, never at anchor point, never in optimal range of tower and so on, and the sad thing mostly none name call them and they doit all day long that trickers me and many other people 2. To conclude, all mentioned I think is still very Newbro friendly as WTM wants to be, it just lacks people who check and guide other pilots more and I hope this will be taken to heart in the near future