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  1. Hello, welcome back. Most likely a change to just make it easier to manage, the commanders that have been around for longer than me might have a better answer for this, but still, the basis that do end up getting aggro survive just fine in nrf and tpph with those fits, also being stable means that you have 2 combat caps per basi, instead of just 1 and having to use the other one to feed the chain. With the new marauder meta, even if logi reps more than they should, they still don't get the aggro if the fleet is going as it should. But i ido see your point about the amount of locks and the resebo, but it doesn't really means much because you're locking almost 100% of the time either booster or battleships with a giant sig radius, resulting in an almost instant lock.
  2. Coming back

    Welcome back, just hit any of us up at discord if you have any extra questions.
  3. Returning player

    Welcome back!
  4. Rejecting FC Fit alteration

    Would you mind linking the fit here, please ?
  5. Scouting School 25.11.20 at 16:00 Eve time

    I'll be looking forward to join. >->