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  1. Oh, Hi! o7

    Welcome, Verum. i'm really happy to see you in Warp To Me. i didn't join fleet when you are in but i think you are good pilot for us. Incursion is really fun and high-end pve content. I hope you enjoy incursion with us (and really thank you for your EDENCOM Fleet during chapter 3. First time i knew and joined EDI was niarja (ccp you f*** @#$%). and joined edi fleet in Bei, Kothe, Pemene, Bei etc... it was really fun and great time in my eve life. i really want new content related to edencom and trig but ccp is so lazy and i don't think they gonna update something new about edencom.)
  2. Anime

    No problem FC :BIGEYES:
  3. Anime

    plz watch blue exorcist and um i wonder why this post is in wtm news channel :eyes:
  4. Time to get some badges

    Tell to Line commander when you are in fleet as that ships.
  5. Pause Feature Suggestion for Waitlist

    good idea like what xoceac said (if it can be coded) but 3rd missed invite is enough.