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  1. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    I flew the new fit 6 years ago, wasn't an issue then on the cap. the biggest issue I ran into was a cap buddy with a different cap emitter then what I had... they would be using non t2 or the faction and would just go out of range of the t2 they had equipped... or would decycle theirs... the secondary issues I ran into was the ones that insisted on anchoring with the logi vs going into their optimal range and or my buddy not having a x-type mwd. the non x type mwd ended up being them low on cap so I'ld have to give them cap with no incoming cap for a cycle or 2 then they would start to cap me which put me critically low on cap... but a decent or good cap buddy and not a single issue. woth the top notch cap buddy we could go mtac fit with the te vs the cap relay and still be stable with only 1 incoming cap transfer... alot of it also has to do with you and your buddy's piloting skill as well as ingame skills. we didn't cap during burns... rarely if ever on the gates of a tpph, mainly just the anchor positions in hte final room of the tpph, nrf and tcrc... tcrc we had more then one that would ram us apart to break the chain. those people (the ones that kept ramming other ships, etc.) ended up in the long run getting kicked from fleet because they kept costing the fleet in ships lost from their actions.
  2. if your security standing is -5.0 to -10. they (empire faction police) will shoot you on site ( this is after skill modifications) if they are -4.99 to 10 you are fine in empire space.
  3. Using Micro Jump Drives To Move DPS Around?

    the only ships that could "jump out and back" readily are the marauders... they have about a 55 sec reactivation timer on the MJD, that being said the marauder that could work but its taking away a precious mid is the paladin which is an extremely skill intensive ship (all the skills for it need to be maxed out for it to even compete with the NM in our fleets). done right a MJD can be used by the snipers to get to their anchors really really fast but there is a lot of complications that can arise very fast and cause all sorts of other issues. personally I'ld love to see a fleet that the pilots could coordinate properly to use the MJD every single time...but how can that be if you have pilots that can't even shoot tags in order, let alone follow the fc instructions when they need to follow them over the tag order? not to mention how many leeroy gates, etc...