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  1. First impressions of bastion paladin

    Let's see what @Blobert has to say about this since he was running his Vargur yesterday.
  2. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    hear that @Xollam he’s saying you’re 10. 😜
  3. Newbro wanting to try incursions

    The Scimitar is more newbro friendly because you don't have to worry about capacitor broadcasts like you do in the Basi, and you also don't have to worry about any kind of cap chain (explained in logi guide). You just worry about shield broadcasts and giving your remote tracking links to your assigned DPS targets. I prefer to fly a scimi for that reason cause I can logi for much longer, your work is double sometimes depending on how starved the fleet is for cap as a Basi so it just wears me out, but that's just me. The reason we encourage people to fly basi's though is because we can't have a fleet without them. the capacitor is necessary for fleet safety and speed, while Scimi's just make the fleet go faster by making the vindi's more efficient with their guns.
  4. Newbro wanting to try incursions

    If you can afford to do so, perhaps buy an optimal Basi and vindicator fit so you have multiple ways to get into fleet fast. If you haven't already, review a couple of the following guides before X-ing up (or while x-ing up): You may have already read them, but just in case. The anchoring guide is great to know because you don't have to rely on the anchor to get where you're supposed to be (especially if your anchor is new) and it allows you to be more efficient with your moving, which will ultimately improve your DPS thus making sites go faster. Don't be discouraged of flying a logi if you've never flown one before. Read the guide, listen to FC and lock all shield broadcasts and you'll be fine! If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask, we have very knowledgeable pilots throughout WTM who are willing to help anyone out with question. We look forward to seeing you in fleet!
  5. DPS Numbers for Optimal Hulls

    I'm actually not too far off from those numbers.
  6. DPS Numbers for Optimal Hulls

    I believe its 2800 for the Vindi, not sure about the others.
  7. Scorpion Navy issue Useable?

    I would also recommend buying some cheep +5 bonus implants so you train these skills faster as well, a full set will only run you about 250mil which isn't bad considering you're running incursions and it will help you in the long run to get the skills needed for optimal hulls. you combine the faster training speeds plus that sweet sweet LSI and you'll be in an optimal hull very easily before you hit the 30 hour mark. As stated above too if you have caldari skills already trained you're very close to a nightmare, which seems to be in short supply lately so you're already getting into a hull that you have a good chance of getting into fleet sooner. I'd see you in a nightmare before going Basi to be honest just because the skill train to a nightmare will likely be significantly shorter than into a Basi, plust it will give you a chance to learn the sites and how to fly incursions in general before entering into such a critical role ship such as a basi.