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  1. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    like others have said, I enjoy the Scimi, and prefer to fly my Loki, you legitimately cannot run a fleet without a Basi hence why I think so many people are voting "Basi" as the better logi ship. There's not a bigger rush than slamming 8 reps on a hard switch in a TCRC and watching your target go from low HP to full instantly.
  2. Leshak Retired

    RIP Sharks... understandable though.
  3. Back to Incursions soon(ish)

    It also wouldn't hurt to take a look at the rookie guides and anchoring guides again since a ton has changed just in the past 6 months let alone the past couple years since you last did incursions.
  4. Public Service Announcement to Everyone Who Flies a Nightmare

    well that's what I get for repeating what a L badge said over coms.
  5. Public Service Announcement to Everyone Who Flies a Nightmare

    only one person should do the MTAC. Sometimes the MTAC will spawn too soon and thus get dropped to soon leading to the tower repping before the 3rd MTAC spawns. Given the Marauder situation, I'm not even sure we're getting past 2 MTAC drops anymore anyways, but it's just something to note.
  6. Public Service Announcement to Everyone Who Flies a Nightmare

    It's really not that hard, and pretty fun
  7. Pause Feature Suggestion for Waitlist

    That's actually good to know. I fly USTZ all the time and I hesitate to x-up on the waitlist while I'm logging in cause I'm worried the FC will just remove me cause he doesn't see me online.
  8. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    I've said my peace, You and I respectfully disagree and I leave it to command to discuss (or not) it further.
  9. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    KK I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just curious if you'd actually flown the new fit that's all, to make sure we were talking from a same experience stand point.
  10. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    As I stated I was coordinating as best as I could, but I think you're overreaching by not realizing how much that extra 1k will actually help. It means there's more room for error when coordinating the burn to anchors, it means reestablishing your chain occurs that much faster. with the upgrade policy requiring faction mods over tech 2 then you're guaranteeing that the NM will eventually all have the cap transfers. Furthermore, if you're saying that "we shouldn't be bumrushing the next anchor" that's literally counter intuitive to the idea that we want faster site times while diminishing the Niki mantra of "Git Gud." We should be striving to not have to go 3/4 speed and finding any way to make us not have to go 3/4 speed. Additionally, if I'm 3/4 speed while using my prop mod I'm wasting even more valuable cap since I'm not getting 100% use out of my prop mod. With how incursions are getting more and more competitive as time goes on, having an entire wing of your fleet flying at 3/4 speeds during a contest just doesn't seem to be a good thing if we're trying to ensure we win those contests. I do agree that the cap transfer skill is a must and that's why T2's are currently optimal because you need lvl 4 skills (iirc) for them. 100mil isk is less than an hour of fleet time, I find this argument disingenuous considering the huge cut to capacitor the NM took with this new fit. Under the old fit I agree, T2 cap transfers were all that were needed, but with the new fit, and extreme cap constraints its under everything we can do to get cap to each other faster or maintain cap chains should be taken into consideration. Not to be flippant, but have you even flown this new fit Malcolm? Perhaps your experience may change your opinion. Considering you've got one of the pilots who actually play tested this fit before command decided to implement it, is agreeing with me, perhaps that should be taken into some more consideration if you haven't taken the time to fly the fit yourself. I've said all I have to say I regarding the fit. I leave it to command core to discuss it further in the proposals thread if someone decides to post it there. I thank you guys for your time to read my thoughts and opinions on the new fit. I also want to reiterate that I am not asking or trying to set up an argument to go back to the old fit, I'm just trying to get this fit to function better. Ultimately, I think this means that snipers just need to get into a Pally quickly =P
  11. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    I humbly disagree with both of you here. With how tight the cap is on this fit the extra 1km range is actually really helpful cause it means that cap is transferring that much sooner. That extra second of faster activation time means the difference between stop shooting/burning and continuing to do your job. if you have to stop shooting or slow down, ultimately its to the detriment of the fleet and you never should have removed the low slot battery mod in the first place.
  12. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    I've flown most of this focus with the new fit and holy crap is it cap hungry. I'd like to propose command core update the optimal fitting to require faction remote cap transfers. The extra range is quite necessary with this cap hungry fit. They will allow for more room for error when burning while capping in an NRF. Almost every time today I was nearly out of cap while burning to the final anchor point in the NRF, even when pulsing my prop mod, slowing down, even announcing in NM chat that when to slow boat/burn (I was AAA most of the time I was flying my NM.) and never once did my cap buddy keep up with me. The extra range will allow for cap chains to be established faster and as people get used to the new fit, it will help keep the chain up while moving in the NRF. I'm not a fan of this fit at the moment, but that's just because I'm having trouble finding someone to fly with that can keep the chain up while burning. I know ultimately, once people get used to it, things will be better. I'm pretty sure Lillitu II or another part of command was testing this fit all last focus and I was their cap buddy a couple of times. We were always in sync and they almost never had cap issues at all cause we never (or almost never) broke our chain, so this fit does work. I have noticed the better tracking and application of DPS with the fit, but I do think its a half measure to not require faction remote cap transfers.
  13. First impressions of bastion paladin

    Let's see what @Blobert has to say about this since he was running his Vargur yesterday.
  14. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    hear that @Xollam he’s saying you’re 10. 😜
  15. Newbro wanting to try incursions

    The Scimitar is more newbro friendly because you don't have to worry about capacitor broadcasts like you do in the Basi, and you also don't have to worry about any kind of cap chain (explained in logi guide). You just worry about shield broadcasts and giving your remote tracking links to your assigned DPS targets. I prefer to fly a scimi for that reason cause I can logi for much longer, your work is double sometimes depending on how starved the fleet is for cap as a Basi so it just wears me out, but that's just me. The reason we encourage people to fly basi's though is because we can't have a fleet without them. the capacitor is necessary for fleet safety and speed, while Scimi's just make the fleet go faster by making the vindi's more efficient with their guns.