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  1. Newbro Hello o/

    Interesting let's see what I can do but I'm kinda lazy these days I'm not uploading hehe. Thanks for the link @Lightsong the Bold .
  2. Newbro Hello o/

    Yep I noticed it after I rendered the video....o7 And thanks for subscribing Also about the incursions.. I will join fleet after maybe 5-6 days for skill training then I will buy the Hyperrion.
  3. Newbro Hello o/

    Yep I read that part and so I may make videos like this if it's ok... o7
  4. Newbro Hello o/

    Hello everyone! I just joined last night. Though I have been playing this for 1.8 year inconsistently I'm still a newbie.... o7 At present I do easy abyssal sites and mining. I have a gaming YouTube channel which have about 360 subscribers. you can check it out here.. https://www.youtube.com/jazzyviper I post eve online along with different game's videos. Your support will be highly appreciated