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  1. logi appreciation

    Yeah, think just observations - there is CCC IIRC - which is responsible for the basi cap chain/motd and resebos. Might be wrong, but someone will be sure to correct me if i am.
  2. logi appreciation

    Honestly i feel Logi is one of the roles that all newbro's should try. It has a bit of everything - locking, target management, positioning (to a degree). Alot of people, even sometimes experienced DPS pilots dont understand or havent tried logi, and when they do are suprised. To me Logi is a vital component of the fleet and should be tried by all. Logi roles are also kinda fun, they take being a logi to another level - adding more to your list of responsibilities. In this game, logi gets the appreciation id deserves, but few are eager to try it lol