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  1. Cannonball 250 Coming Soon™

    Cruisers or larger mayb?
  2. Bongiorno

    Hello! Welcome to WTM. I'm the local dog. Here to help you out. Mail me in game if you ever have any questions. Glad you're enjoying it so far!
  3. Hello

    Hi! All you need to do is join our in game channel; Warp To Me Incursions . Inside that channel's message of the day has our rookie guides, and fittings. It also lists our Dockup After joining that channel, fit up either logi (scimi or basi) that we have on our website, and get to our dock up! If you have any questions you can mail me in game, or always ask in the channel you joined.
  4. I cant get connected to eve

    I believe I saw you connect recently. Were you able to figure this out? If not, what exact error are you having?
  5. Commanders of the Year