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  1. Thank you very much for your input Izumi! I did think heavily about every bit of advice given and was personally asking Carlos if this fit that I thought about would be a more proper one: It is heavily similar to the entry/alpha fit but I changed one module and one rig to allow the ship to have more cap stability DPS is the same, just 2.9k EHP short (with my current skills) and the ship is capable of maintaining cap at 47.5% with MWD off, lasting 3 minutes with everything on and 7 minutes with guns off. You think it's worth sacrificing the tracking computer and one rig to let my ship be able to maintain cap so it can use its MWD better when needed? -Edit- I did try and swap the Cap Recharger with a Tracking Computer, the cap goes from stable to about 22 minutes with everything except MWD on, but not sure if the tracking computer is Really needed, I just know it does help with applying damage more proper -/edit- Like I explained to Carlos on the message it will be some time till I can fly a Hyperion that will be capable of outshining the Rokh with my current skills (and since I'm Alpha I'm reaching the cap of skill points before starting to use skill injectors, currently at 2.1M as I focused into industry with my gf at the start) so trying to get a Rokh that can work while addressing the cap weakness that was stated by Imelda was my goal so I can start earning some isk and learning about incursions and then later on devote into a better Hyperion (if in the end I go against flying a logi before/after turning Omega I might just go for the Vindicator as for the time being I'm against skilling up minmatar ships). Here's the fit compared to the entry/alpha (please ignore the amount of drones that can fly now as that is being top priority right now before I hit skill cap): ------Cap Stable------- ---------Entry/Alpha fit------ Thank you for your time and input, please do let me know if its fine as it is or if I should just forget the cap issue
  2. Ah alright, I thought it was a concern cause of what is mentioned on the fitting page so its fine if the ship is slightly weaker with the recommended fits then? That way I can always replace that Diag Sys with another Field Stab for more DPS But if I don't use a MWD and stay close range to brawl I don't think I have to sit and wait, on my fit I purposely swapped the MWD with a AB to stay cap stable Sure, I'm still slow in comparison, but lets me worry less about my cap running dry during a fight. Dunno, I still wish and would like to use the Rokh for now while I can't fly another thing, I want it to pay off its cost so I can afford other things since, like stated, it was already costly for me as an Alpha player to get this ship and its mostly ready to fly in an incursion, now knowing that the tank isn't THAT much of a big deal I can perhaps focus more on dps and hopefully fix the cap a bit more as well Thank you guys, I will keep your words in mind while thinking about this!
  3. Hello Carlos, thank you for your reply and for letting me know about how strict the fits are. I can easily fit the Rokh with Blasters, so to me it's no problem to replace the guns. As for the Hyperion it will take me a few days to be able to fly it, but it should be one of my "main" goals anyway so over the course of time I'll be able to pick up an Hyperion to fly, I got lots to train as the suggested fit has less than 95k ehp with my current skills but maybe I can think of something that might just work, just hope that till then I can accumulate some more isk to be able to fit it proper while trying to stay in the goal of getting 500 plex, this Rokh was already somewhat costly to me (intended to do L4 missions with it and then discovered that Alphas can't run L4 missions) so I was hoping I could make it pay its worth. At least I hope that the Rokh or/and the Hyperion is good enough to join in, as like I mentioned before I might deviate to training to fly a logi ship when I hit Omega. I can pick up cruiser IV and other skills that will give me a head start to flying a proper T2 logi when I hit Omega. The Vindicator for the time being Might be a hard pass to me as I had no intention to picking up Minmatar skills Once more thank you very much for your time helping me out with information!
  4. Hello everyone, I joined the community today with the objective of learning how to run incursions I'm a returning player (currently Alpha) and made a new character to play along with my girlfriend with a main focus on Industry, but I like doing PvE content and nothing more caught more of my curiosity years ago than Incursions, but it felt daunting to me as my main had no skills in even flying cruisers lol Now with this character I know how to fly a Rokh and would like your opinion on this fit that I came up with the aid of the WTM general fitting requirements. [Rokh, CBS-005] Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System Damage Control II 100MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Large Cap Battery II Pithum C-Type EM Shield Amplifier Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun 425mm Prototype Gauss Gun Large EM Shield Reinforcer I Large Core Defense Field Extender I Large Capacitor Control Circuit I Federation Navy Hammerhead x5 Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L x1000 Caldari Navy Thorium Charge L x1000 I know it could be better but with my current skills I am at 95k ehp which is just what the general fitting asks ships to have, not sure if I should be running Blasters or not but I like the idea of shooting from a range and if I were to follow the entry level fit for the Rokh, sure, I'd have slightly more dps with the railguns (about 24 more dps) but about 8k less ehp, and since DPS was not really mentioned I thought I had freedom in what I could pick in terms of guns, so I went with what I like. The MWD also makes the ship's cap unstable during a fight due to its nature of reserving cap to it so I swapped it to an AB which lets me speed a little bit but whenever I'm not using it the cap is stable. For the future I wouldn't mind improving skills for the Rokh, but I don't think I want to learn how to fly another different ship unless its an Hyperion (my second favorite ship), I'm more interested in learning how to fly a Logi ship but unfortunately, from the research I did within the forums and the fits available, theres no logi that an Alpha can fly in the fleets, so when I turn Omega I'll be focusing on trying to fly a Basilisk. Lemme know what you guys think and how I could potentially improve with opinions and suggestions o7