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  1. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    The last person from WTM who did an interview with Talking in Stations was Oxidizer, I thought.
  2. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Neither? 🙂 Being a logi as a newbro is hard, it’d be better if you joined our fleets as dps and learn the ropes first.
  3. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    Thanks for your feedback. We've gotten similar requests concerning bringing alternative fits outside of the ship fits that we provide in our fitting web sites. Unfortunately, WTM has a fairly strict fleet doctrine that we ask you to respect. If you do not have the necessary skills to fly a particular ship at this time, you're more than welcome to fly a different ship/approved fit as listed in the fitting web site.
  4. Incursions for alts

    I checked the R&R and Malcolm/Lilitu are correct with regards to characters under 4 weeks old.
  5. Incursions for alts

    I was referring to your claim that they couldn’t be in a bhaalgorn or a hyperion.
  6. Incursions for alts

    Hold on, this isn’t true. We do have an upgrade policy but if this is your first time flying with WTM then you can try it without having to be in an optimal hull until after 25 hours in-fleet.
  7. DPS Numbers for Optimal Hulls

    Are these damage numbers also including drone damage?
  8. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    I'll take the https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032584913562/ 25.1%. Can you contract it to Ezra Grayson?
  9. Proposed pulse mare positions

    I'm glad we're in agreement, but I still want to push to include some footnote or update to the Anchor guide that this is acceptable. Just last night, I got into a disagreement with the AAA when he started going off on why I wasn't anchored on him exactly but I was off to the side. In addition, when I requested to be paired with another pulse nightmare, he purposely paired me with a beam nightmare. When I asked why, he pointed at the anchor guide and told me I had no choice but to anchor on him and him only. When I pointed out that the AAA position was mostly for logi, he started threatening to tell the FC that I was disobedient and not listening to the AAA. Until some formalized update goes to the various guides, there's no reason why the above behavior isn't repeated over and over again in every fleet I join when all I want to do is to increase the DPS output of my fellow snipers.
  10. Proposed pulse mare positions

    Thanks for the confirmation. Currently, the only information that nightmares get when they join is that they have to anchor on the AAA. It would be nice to update the information in the guides to let the other nightmares know about these other optimal positions. Based on the normalized DPS equations provided by Eve University, just getting 10km closer to the target can get us an increase of 20-30% improved DPS! This increase is fairly significant and the proposed update seems like it would be a low hanging fruit in improving overall fleet damage output.
  11. Proposed pulse mare positions

    We've been trying different pulse nightmare positions for the last couple of days and would like to propose adding the following information to either one of the guides or in the nightmare MOTD. Summary or proposed pulse nightmare positions in different sites TCRC anchor is the same, TPPH last room is 75-80k slight left, just a little past the AAA, NRF, 75k straight from beacon