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  1. Scimitar Upgrades

    I actually get just over 21k ehp with boosts. I did want to point that out!
  2. Scimitar Upgrades

    So I believe we can have better Scimitar fits for logistics 5 optimal hull. I think we should look at our current fit versus 2 others. [Scimitar, Scimitar V Optimal] What i believe we can do are 2 different things depending on what we want to go after. The first would be scimi safety, the second would be for fleet safety. The Scimi safety is based on a community fit from LoL (League of Lunatics) Optimal Scimi Safety [Scimitar, Logi V] This fit makes a logi V pilot cap stable and gives them a damage control for increased resistances across the ship. You can even Faction the dmg controller if you want higher resists. The second fit is more about prioritizing fleet safety with 12 lockable targets. You place a Sig amp in the low staying cap stable with 3 reppers and your able to have 12 locks. [Scimitar, Fleet Safety] Post what you think below! Thanks, Ryder Wayland