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  1. What can we expect?

    Not worried, just bored, curious, and playing around.
  2. What can we expect?

    @Jaden Alenko https://gyazo.com/43fe23bfae2db0401fd241f761e50fb1 @Firewire Mayaki Leshak you linked https://gyazo.com/f1d0e90c9d48accdbf58e1a6236239bc Pith-A leshak https://gyazo.com/d2e5304fceb79621f74ebc80ca24fe85
  3. What can we expect?

    Pithum A-type 37.5 Pith B-type 35 Pith C-type 32.5 Gistum A-type 35 Gist B-type 32.5 Gist C-type 30 T2 Invuln 26 Estamels 40% Vespas 37.5 Thons 35 Kaikkas 32.5 Dread G/CN 30 Dom 26 T1 Invuln 20 Compact/Enduring 23.2 'Posse' 26
  4. What can we expect?

    On sisi right now and the pithum A invuln has a nerf to it, down to 37.5... played with the rigs a little, changed the t2 hybrid aerator to a t1. Added t2 shield extender and em-screen. Current fit on tranq https://gyazo.com/308f226a82a5b4734a5597404e323678 Current fit with invuln nerf on sisi https://gyazo.com/697706f19b900cc324f01530153c2b2b nerfed invuln fit with modified rigs on sisi https://gyazo.com/8c708a3f76e006fba809d390d4d1198c Someone mentioned earlier that the surgical strike update isn't on sisi yet though?