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  1. Trade Hubs and HQ Incursion Systems

    I've been thinking about doing one of those. But I didn't necessarily want to plant my assets at a trade hub. If you didn't have to pick trade hubs, how many 'pockets' of incursion systems could you identify, and what system would be central to said pockets ? How much % of incursion space could you cover that way ? So these 99 systems in your list are all capable of springing an HQ incursion ? I was looking for that list for a while. I guess I could do something with that.
  2. I would be interested in a scouting channel

    Usually we use a private chat channel. I've been known to give that thing a name even You can drag more people in it. Also I'll usually add who's site went down next to the timer so if I missed one, I can just guesstimate. The benefit of a private channel is that you don't need to mess with permissions and it's not a big deal if somebody forgets to leave at the end of the fleet.
  3. Memorial Fleet - NOT A WTM FLEET

    I'll set it up when I get off work in 2.5 hours from now. I don't know how big the group is, is 50 ventures an ok number ? Or rather, how many unassembled ventures would fit in your freighter Speedrat ?
  4. Memorial Fleet - NOT A WTM FLEET

    It's a bit late for me Tani, but I am sitting on a small pile of Ventures I think 2 jumps from Hek. If you can think of a way to get them to Jita in time let me know how many I may contract to you.
  5. How I spot gankers in system quickly

    I need a bigger screen I guess. What resolution is that ? And on what size monitor ?
  6. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    I think it was a Scimi. Is that rusty enough for you ?
  7. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Seeing how there are kind people about who love to hand out drugs to fellow fleet members, one should actually add Biology to that list as well.
  8. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Are drone skills actually important ? Or do your drones inherit the skills of the person they were assigned to ?
  9. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Thanks for that @FlameTounge. Now thermodynamics isn't even on that list but it is a list. I do have my doubt about some aspects, like light drone skills for the Maelstrom even though the fitting page tells you to put heavy's on there. Or is there some kind of benifit to heavies that comes from the light drone skill line as well ? Either way it pointed out quite a few holes, so skill books were bought and now we wait, again Efficiency loading...
  10. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Apart from the requirement to reach 100K EHP, there is very little said about required skills in both the fitting page and the rookie guide. So when the FC called upon us to overheat our guns, it took me a while to figure out that I needed thermodynamics in order to do so. I'm also going batshit crazy on Capacitor and Navigation skills, as I never seem to have enough to keep my MWD going while we slowboat to the next position. I kind of wish I'd had those before I started. So mentioning that in one of the guides might help other newcomers. Feel free to add more skill suggestions if you'd happen to have any.