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  1. How I spot gankers in system quickly

    27" at 1440p The 2nd monitor I have is 24" at 1080p, still helps having the local window as shown though.
  2. How I spot gankers in system quickly

    It had just finished actually ;-) Notice the lack of targets? ;-)
  3. How I spot gankers in system quickly

    btw I took pictures out of local chat, so I can see more people in the list.
  4. This is how I have my screen windows all layed out, handy and how I spot reds quickly when I just called out the gank before it happened
  5. Hi, Can this be added to new bro speech & guides please? Just to let them know how to protect 1 of their most valuable assets. When moving between Incursion Focuses... Gankers are out there in high sec, you are not safe - please be sure to remove all your bling/expensive modules and move them with a fast moving, cloaking ship. T2 tank your incursion ship & they wont bother you - fit as many of these as you can 1600mm Steel Plates II, Large Shield Extender II, Adaptive Invulnerability Field II, Reinforced Bulkheads II. Turn off your guns if you are unable to fit all of these. Fill up all your mids and lows. If you remove your bling/expensive modules, you are not worth being ganked. The gankers need to kill something more expensive than their own ships. So just don't be a target for them. Warp Core Stabilizers don't help you, they can kill a bling battleship in 10-15 seconds before Concord arrive. They tend to bump your ship out of alignment too so you can't warp. Every time a Focus changes and we travel to the next, multiple WTM pilots lose their ships because they do not do the above. Main systems with gankers all the time = Uedama and Niajra. They can kill you anywhere in high sec with enough of them. Good luck to all ♥
  6. Forced into roles

    Hi Niki, Just so you know, I'm not here to argue or disrupt, that's why I've not mentioned the FC name in here anywhere. I came here looking for clarification if this was an actual rule or not. As it stands from what the posts state above, currently it's not a rule, but more of a grey area where people are requested to perform a role and then the FC can say to leave. I wasn't asked if I could do the role, I was told do it or instantly get out (I had to CTRL Space as the gate was already activated) as we were about to enter a NRF, not a TCRC. My name was the only one you called out. I had been shooting Sansha all day long, then you had just stepped up as the FC as Henry had finished. We went straight in for a TCRC contest with TDF which we lost as they had 13 Leshaks. You already had Captain Highfield doing MTAC. We then got repairs and warped to NRF gate, at this point is when you called my name on TS. You said Mad Anii, are you here? I said yes on TS. OK X up in fleet you said, I said why? You said just do it. So I did, you then said right you're now MTAC for the rest of the sites, go read the guide. I said I can't. You said OK then leave fleet. I said OK and goodbye. So as you can see it wasn't a request can you do it, it was either do it or don't fly with WTM fleets. I could see that Captain Highfield in his Mach continued to stay in the TS channel after I was told to go, when I popped on TS again about an hour later. So due to my name being called out, that was my evening of ISK making cut off. Nobody asked if I could or could not do it nor was I told what I was Xing up for, I was just told that's it, you're now MTAC for the rest of the sites. There's a difference between being asked or being forced into doing a role. Some people have things going off in the background with real life. At no point do I jeopardise my ship and always follow FC. I broadcast on time, I shoot all my targets and help out the newbro's where I can. Please note my Mach is rubbish, it's entry level fitting and I chose that just the other day on purpose. I sold off the bling Mach and kept the entry Mach because I'm just days away from being in a Leshak spending all the ISK I made in WTM on skillpoint injectors. If I am kicked out of fleet, I can't make ISK and it delays the better ship joining in fleet each day. I know I haven't done anything wrong, but I felt targetted and singled out. I listen, I help and do what I can in fleet just like the others. I understand the whole sentiment of having roles and the requirement, but it does need to be stated in the rules or 'Player Expectations'. When reading the rules and FC requests, it currently is voluntary or politely requested if someone can do the role or not. Hopefully you can understand where I am coming from 1/ Is it a rule or not (answered above) and 2/ I was forced, not asked if I can do it and it ruined my entire evening of EVE. Hopefully I have enough ISK soon to jump into a Leshak, this is what I've been doing incursions hard for each day to improve the fleet composition. See you in fleet.
  7. Forced into roles

    Focus on fleet warps and F1 on a target is different to being a MTAC as if that pickup / drop is missed, it messes up the entire fleet and everyone loses out on ISK. As mentioned we were about to enter a NRF and already had a MTAC at the time. He is still in fleet now. It will take a little longer now until I can get into that Leshak as I had planned. I'm glad it will be added in the future as I was sure I couldn't find it anywhere in the WTM rules and regulations anywhere. It was quite suprising being told do it or get out of fleet after I've been flying with WTM fleets with no issues. 1) Do not want / cannot do it. I wasn't asked why I couldn't do it. Either do it or get out is what I was told. 2) It wasn't a requirement though, we had MTAC already and was entering a NRF. 3) Some people play the AFK game and don't respond to the FC when asking for roles. I was present, I verbally answered on TS yes I'm here, he asked me to put an X, I asked why is that? Just do it he said, so I did and that was it, you're now MTAC for the rest of the sites... I said I cannot do that. He said leave fleet, so I did and said goodbye. The ones that keep quiet, lurk in the background don't seem to be randomly asked from what I have seen, as you say it's normally the regulars. So the more you participate, the more chance you'll recognise the name and 'target' or 'select' that person again.
  8. Forced into roles

    I've been fully focused on fleet, the logis can verify I broadcast perfectly on time and helped with spotting fleet members drifting off in the wrong direction. It wasn't continuous contests, it was the 1st one and we did have an MTAC guy (I think he was called Captain Highfield) already doing it, then we went to a NRF at the time of being told to X up and then told to leave. So the answer is yes, it is a rule. If FC chooses you at random and you cannot do the role, then you will be removed. Could you point me to where this is stipulated please as I missed it in the list of rules? As it seems to be a grey area where it's "voluntary" or "expectation". The concern now will be how often I am randomly chosen in the future whilst others continue to make the ISK and I have to leave. I hope not to targetted again and continue making ISK towards my Leshak. Thank you.
  9. Forced into roles

    The FC in question took over the fleet and it was the 2nd site we were heading to because we just lost a contest to TDF. It wasn't even 2 minutes waiting for a volunteer. He said he is going to be more harsh than normal because there is a huge waitlist. 2 minutes later he said my name, that was it and I had to leave fleet. I understand the requirement for roles, but it was a random selection and poof, straight out of the fleet. I was asking for clarification if this is a rule or not as I couldn't see it anywhere being forced to do a role or be kicked. So you are saying yes it is a rule? I had a bling Mach for the start, saved up enough to multibox then realised multiboxing is very rare and it was a waste of a 2nd Mach. So I sold the bling fit Mach the other day and now I'm flying entry level Mach. The reason for this is because I've just injected a load of SP into my char for flying Leshak...something better for the fleet. I've now lost out on a good few hundred mil of ISK making tonight to help pay towards a better ship. If you wish to remove Machs entirely, that will be your call on this. My fit was entry level rubbish and purely because I'm about to save the last bit of ISK for a better fleet ship. There must be an understanding some people cannot 100% focus on performing a role though, especially something that is time critical such as MTAC. Thank you.
  10. Forced into roles

    Hello, I'm fairly new to WTM fleets. I was asked by a FC to put X into fleet chat, I said on voice why is that? He said put X in fleet, so I did. He said you are now MTAC for the rest of the sites. He said if you cannot then leave fleet. There were multiple suitable ships in fleet and my name was called, so my evening of incursions was cut short because of this. I checked the rules and I cannot see where someone can be forced into doing roles. I was happy in the fleet all day long, pointing out directions for some new guys and shooting all my targets all day, until the FC changed and targetted me, then told me to leave fleet if I am not going to do it, which I did. Is this a forced requirement when a FC randomly chooses your name? I was under the impression roles are optionional, as I can't see these in the rules anywhere. Thank you.