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  1. Mu's abyssal store

    I also have a couple other abyssal stuff to sell as well including 500mn MWDs, a single abyssal cap bat and abyssal LSE, and abyssal webs. Send me a mail in game if you're interested in them.
  2. Mu's abyssal store

    2nd batch of stuff.
  3. Mu's abyssal store

    Update on 1st batch.
  4. Mu's abyssal store

    Also got this bad boy to sell. Good for vindis that have speed on their mind.
  5. Mu's abyssal store

    Latest batch.
  6. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

  7. Mu's abyssal store

    #1 and #6 Entropics are sold, as well as magstab #1 and #2
  8. Logi Agro

    Honestly when I see logi taking aggro I almost always comment on it. Logi are definitely squishier than battleships for multiple reasons, this is why I dont want them to EVER take aggro because of safety issues if and when they die. Granted there's not much safety loss if 1 out of 9 logi die in a TPPH but that's besides the point. I like to cultivate proper logi mentality to not pull aggro ever and as @Darmarni stated, not all logi pilots have attended logi school, nor will a lot of new logi pilots as well. The thing is that there's going to be a lot of newbro logi that we are probably gonna be teaching in fleet how to logi effectively and safely and other logi doing the opposite is counter-intuitive especially if it's a commander (Not calling anyone out). Granted the "logi pulling waves" is helpful, but all these can be accomplished with a battleship anyways OR if you're the FC with your booster (For initial aggro only obviously).
  9. Mu's abyssal store

    19 sinks to sell... of varying DPS%! A 25% entropic and a 30% heat sink is in the mix! Grab them while they're hot!
  10. Mu's abyssal store

    Even MOAR wares, and updated prices! Tons of entropic sinks, couple mag stabs and some lazur sinks!
  11. Mu's abyssal store

    New wares! A few more 24%s for sale!
  12. Mu's abyssal store

    #3 and #8 are sold! Wares and links to be updated shortly!
  13. Mu's abyssal store

    #5 and #6 and the magstab are sold! Updated wares!
  14. niki's shop

    Too broke to even ask
  15. Mu's abyssal store

    Wares updated! There's even one magstab among the sinks as well!