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  1. Updating the guides

    Speaking of guides, maybe take a look at the influence guide as well?
  2. Updating the guides

    I tried doing the crazy thing back when I started in a machariel and was taking mtac actively, some days I could do it, some I couldn't, and what I did was I pulsed my mwd once I got the mtac, kind of bumped the shield relay tower with about half max mwd speed, and when you bounce back and the can is taking a while to catch up, you kind of end in between the can and tower can to drop it, it also re-positions yourself for slowboating back to the mtac factory. So yeah you could do it, but not recommended to someone new to it and is just learning the role
  3. Updating the guides

    Took a loooooooooong while
  4. Scouting Guide (Unofficial)

    Reference for wrecks progress markers: TPPH: 2 Auga 1 outuni no deltole : 1st room 3 Auga 1 deltole 1 outuni : 2nd room 2 Mara 1 deltole : 3rd room 1st wave 2 mara 2-3 deltole 1 outuni : 3rd room 2nd wave 3 outuni : 3rd room 3rd wave (aka about to hit tower bash) NRF: 1-2 deltole / 1-2 mara / 1-2 vylade : 1st wave 1st wave + antem/yulais : 2nd wave 2-4 mara / 2-4 vylade : 3rd wave Intaki/outuni : 4th wave keep in mind NRF spawns are random so it's kinda hard to gauge progress with these alone, keep an eye on number of wrecks as well TCRC: Hard to gauge, would just keep a timer on when a fleet takes gate and number of niarja wrecks + if drones are out / being pulled in *Might not be really accurate so feel free to criticize
  5. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Let's see... there's a lot but then again not a lot for me. Stopped playing league after I started playing eve so I occasionally pick up Monster Hunter World now and then, maybe some relaxing Ace Combat 7, I play Company of Heroes 2, Terraria, Heavily modded Minecraft, Heavily modded Skyrim as well. Oh yes, Osu mania as well, all my laptops over the years have specific keyboard keys dying first lol
  6. How I spot gankers in system quickly

    Common stuff usually, local in a separate tab, and set known gankers as red as you can. People should take note of this