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  1. Giving SRP Funds to Logi?

    Here's a proposal. Each focus, or each 5 focuses, we tally up the increase in amount of money the SRP corp has. We distribute half of this increase to the Logi depending on how many times they've xed up, and this would both incentivize people to train into a Logi because they'd earn more money, but also lets them want to work better, as the SRP having to pay funds for someone means they'd earn less money.
  2. Usually the far ships are taken care of by the snipers, but this might mean a lack of DPS in tower bashes, or simply lack of fleet ship unity, which would sometimes cause lack of ships. As I see it, they are almost always 100 km away from the DPSes, which would mean if a special group of DPS would use MJDs to jump towards the far enemies it will replace snipers. After the group has been cleared they would jump back and continue with the rest of the fleet (since they do not have microwarpdrives they can jump the opposite direction, then warp directly to the anchor). They can be the new "snipers". With TCRCs a mobile depot could be placed at the end of the last site at the gate to the TCRC, where all the DPS could refit to MWDs and kill the dangerous enemy ships.
  3. The secret, hidden, superior Incursion ship! :D

    Firstly, most sniper level rats spawn ~90km to the dps level rats. This will mean if they do not move the sentries are useless. You are much better off with heavy drones. The on paper dps sounds cool and I'd say that the logis would provide the light drones for the frigates. Also, we have a dps anchor we can use, which means the spawned rats are almost always on top of the vindicators, and even gets into optimal range with antimatter. Most incursions take time on tower bashes which vindicators are good on also. With the isk and training time of this ship we'd be better off in Leshaks? or probably better vindicators.