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  1. Best alpha batleship

    Thnx for the answers guys, my plan is to go Rokh -> Nightmare and on my other acc I'm training for Maelstrom. I was talking about FIT from this forum [Rokh, Rokh >Caldari BS L4 or higher< Entry/Alpha] that's the one I'm training for now. I want use ISK from incursions to buy Skill injectors and train this Character to be optimal in Incursions ASAP. Again, thank you for the answers, I'll be ready by the end of the week so hopefully I'll see you in-game. o7
  2. Best alpha batleship

    hi guys, would you accept me with Rokh from Fit tab L4 begginers fit? I would like to fly inc but im afraid this will not be enough for you to accept me. Thnx