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  1. Today was my very first time to join an incursion fleet

    Man, Huge thanks on replying every questions that I've asked! I really appreciate it
  2. As the title says, today was my very first incursion fleet and WTM. FC and everybody was so kind, and as a newbro I really appreciated the helps you guys all gave to me. I currently fly as a Mach, tho I do have a few questions about it. First is that the snipers are told to shoot alphabet tagged rats, and if there are no A,B,C etc and only X,Y,Z, should i not shoot my guns on anything? Second question, the mach fit has 2 types of drones, heavy and light. It also has two types of scripts, tracking speed and optimal range. What type of scripts should I be loading? Does it depend on site and pockets? And I haven't done drone assisting before, so when you warp in a site to a fleet, you immediately drop heavy drones and assist them to HHH? Or should I differ drone types by sites? So many questions i've got, since i'm not a native english speaker, I do sometimes miss the orders in comms. Would really prefer if there are some basic guidelines about each sites, but I can't seem to find one. But still huge thanks to everyone who flew with me, you guys were the best people i've seen so far in eve. Fly Safe!